Have you always wanted to go camping? Are you finally ready for something more adventurous outside of your comfort zone?

Even if you are, the fact that it’s something you haven’t done before and which requires some preparation might scare you.

Too many people plan going camping for some time, until they end up deciding it’s too risky and it’s an option they might explore in the future.

So, if you’re having any doubts, are overwhelmed with all the camping tips that are out there, and think it will take too much work and time, this article will help you understand why it’s worth the adventure.

The Benefits of Going Camping

1. Getting back to the simple life.

Our lives are too complicated, but we’re the ones who’ve made them so. Technology is such a huge part of our lives, that the need to unplug on a regular basis is getting bigger and bigger.

Camping is the ultimate escape from reality. It’s easier to clear your mind when you’re far away from the corporate world and the materialistic society we live in.

You refind yourself because you realize you aren’t that dependent on the comforts of daily life you’re used to. We’re talking about all the gadgets you use at home that make life easier. When going camping, you just see how unnecessary they are.

Excess possessions, wearing fancy clothes, caring too much stuff, money – all these have nothing to do with camping. Instead, you’re out in the nature, with good company, enjoying life for what it really is.

2. It’s cheap.

camping is cheap and fun

That’s a great advantage compared to the standard holidays people go to, where too much money is being spent in advance and during the trip, and that’s why it’s not something people can afford as often as they’d like.

Camping isn’t luxury travel, but it’s fun, it’s a challenge, you learn and grow during it, can connect with your friends on a deeper level, unplug and relax completely.

What’s more, there’s no upfront cost, and anything you need is basic and pretty inexpensive.

As long as you do your research, you can be sure you’ll find the most effective and affordable gear and will have a great time when camping. Here’s one such resource with practical tips and tricks.

3. There are health benefits too.

First, you’re spending time outside and breathing the fresh air.

Next, you’re staying active. Be it by hiking, simply taking long walks in nature or any other outdoor activity, you’re burning calories, strengthening your muscles, and – if done regularly – keeping your heart healthy and promoting longevity.

All this boosts your immune system, makes you more energized than ever, and is actually a natural stress reliever and a cure for depression.

You also get enough vitamin D from direct exposure to sunlight.

If you make good food choices before you go, your healthy menu will be sorted too. For a snack, for instance, you can try a homemade trail mix.

To stay safe at the same time, though, make sure you have the right camping equipment.

4. You’ll finally sleep like a baby.

Sleep deprivation is a common thing.

We can’t turn our minds off at night, and together with the devices around us and the engaging things we do in the evening, we can’t fall asleep for hours when in bed. What’s more, our sleep isn’t quality and we wake up drained and in a bad mood.

Well, going camping might be a game-changer for you.

You’ll sleep better at night in the fresh air and after getting exhausted from anything you did during the day. There won’t be any technology to disturb you, and being in nature is relaxing.

As long as you’ve chosen the right gear for camping, you’re good to go. We’re talking about a tent, backpacking pillow, and anything else that will make your stay in the outdoors comfortable.

5. Peace of mind.

You may have tried to start meditating, to wake up earlier and spend some quiet time that’s only for yourself, to find an isolated place in the evening to do some creative work, or else.

But in the city, that’s rarely possible. There’s too much noise, there’s always someone calling or texting us, we feel the need to check email and social media too often, family members or roommates come in the room, and we just can’t let go and empty our mind. Peace of mind is almost impossible in daily life.

But when going camping, prepare to be at ease all the time, to get used to the sounds of nature that will boost your creativity and productivity when you come back.

Camping is a spiritual experience, together with everything else we talked about.

The view, the silence, the solitude, the simplicity – all this makes you come back to the present moment and leave behind all pressure, expectations and anything that’s bothering you.

6. Improving relationships.

going camping - activities, tips

Going camping for the first time is a great way to spend some quality time with your family, do something new and exciting, and do all kinds of activities together, like cooking camping meals, hiking, setting up a tent, building a campfire, exploring an area, and more.

It’s also an awesome thing to do with friends as you make your relationship stronger by sharing such an adventure.

7. You become adaptive.

We need new, challenging experiences so that we can evolve. Going camping helps us with our personal development process as we put ourselves in an uncomfortable environment and have no other choice but to adapt and find a way to have fun and enjoy every moment.

What’s more, we become resourceful and creative. Many unexpected things come up and you can never really be that prepared about your first camping trip. But that’s fine, because you learn to work with what you’ve got and make things work anyways.

You’ll stop relying on others or outer factors, and will start planning in advance and providing. That’s a good chance to give fishing a try. Make sure you got the right tools for this activity too.

You learn new skills too while doing any of the activities we mentioned above. It’s not like you can have experience with them, so you just go for it and learn as you go. But that improves your thinking skills too and you can later apply the new knowledge in a creative way to things from daily life, like your business, how you work, your fitness program, etc.

So these benefits should be enough to convince you to go camping for the first time and feel positive about it.