3 Green Industries That Will Continue to Pay Well Until 2020

3 Green Industries That Will Continue to Pay Well Until 2020

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200 years ago, pretty much anybody could get a job for life and work all the way through retirement.

Environmental and technology factors weren’t as evident back then as they are today. Nowadays, these factors can cause changes to entire industries so quickly that people who planned to work in their jobs until they reached their pension age suddenly find themselves out of a job.

There are promises and pledges to bring these jobs back. However, history shows that industries move forward and create new wealth and opportunity with the change.

People often get caught up in the nostalgia of the “gold rush” with their industry jobs. Instead, they must recognize that they have to adapt to changes or they will find themselves left high and dry with no income, no skills and no livelihood.

The green industry continues to grow at an astonishing rate and people that have prepared for the emerging industries will be among the first ones to reap the new wealth from these industries.

Here’s a few industries that have thrived in the last decade.

1. LED lighting.

Incandescent light bulbs have dominated the market for over a century.

However, in recent years, it has come under significant threat from energy-efficient lighting; in particular LED lights.

Lighting contributes heavily towards carbon emissions and it’s caught the attention of world leaders, who are committed to implementing solutions that will minimize carbon emissions caused by fossil-fueled energy production for lighting.

LED light bulbs have emerged as the ‘unsung hero’ for its ability to minimize energy consumption by up to 80%. Even though the technology has been around for years, the pricing of these bulbs have come down over the years that it is now economically viable to compete with incandescent light bulbs.

The LED lighting market has boomed, with several businesses now turning over millions of dollars in revenue annually. As a result, thousands of new jobs have been created in the LED industry.

A shining example is Melbourne-based LED lighting supplier LEDified.

In 2 years, the company had grown its annual revenue to $20 million and was expected to grow the revenue by another $10 million in the following year. Since the company’s launch, over 100 jobs have been created with staff earning an income of $55,000 a year or more.

2. Fracking.

There are mixed feelings about fracking, but one thing that is certain is that it is having an impact on jobs that involve extracting fossil fuel for energy. Coal jobs are being affected since fracking is making natural gas cheaper to purchase. Fracking is making natural gas cheaper

According to a Reuters report, fracking added 725,000 jobs to the US economy in 2015.

The industry is open to low skilled workers who can earn big bucks, with some workers reportedly earning over $1000 a day.

There’s an ongoing debate about the impact of fracking on the environment and whether the new wealth is worth the environmental cost.

However, for people that have traditionally worked in other similar industries, it might be worth retraining to take advantage of the current fracking employment boom.

3. Renewable energy.

Societies are working towards providing renewable energy solutions instead of relying on fossil fuel production.

In China, the government has already shut down several coal-fired energy production plants in favor of renewable energy producing power plants.

There are emerging job opportunities in the renewable energy sector.

Wind turbine technicians and solar installers can earn a salary over $50,000, while sales positions in those industries can provide a base salary of $100,000 or more.

Quite often, it’s difficult for people to accept change.

Shares the same nostalgia as people who saw their manufacturing jobs disappear when machines were bought to automate the process and drive down costs.

Even though some individuals promise to bring back those jobs, the truth is most of those jobs have gone forever.

Beat the trend and get trained in one of these green industries. Not only will it be lucrative, but you will be working ethically towards a more sustainable future.

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