Grow Your Business With Online Advertising [Real-Time Infographic]

Grow Your Business With Online Advertising

This is a guest post by Calvina Singh from India. She is a Digital Marketing Professional having more than 3 years of rich experience in IT. She’s an Arts college graduate, interested in International
Politics, General science and Environment.

Online advertising is, for now and now likely forever, the best way of advertising your products or services.

One needs to look no further than Google Adwords’ reported $2 billion monthly income from the service. People are flocking to Google to find out where to spend money. All you gotta do is direct them to your products and services.

49 billion Google searches are conducted every month, what would it be like to capture even a small piece of that pie? A small piece of those searches looking for you and your goods?

Amazon sells 115 million products in a month, Alibaba reports a $390 million month in revenue. These people are going directly to those sites and spending money. Your ads are going to be seen by thousands, nay, hundreds of thousands, nay, MILLIONS of people every month using any of these services.

60 million people will use Uber in a month. You could be seen by a huge percentage of people by simply having an ad in the car.

Or look at YouTube. It’s said that every minute, 36 hours of content is added to YouTube. And with a reported 4 billion hours of YouTube videos watched every month, a nice ad before a video would go a long way.

Even Facebook is reporting incredible success with the video market, boasting an impressive 90 billion video views a month. And that’s just on mobile devices. 90 billion views on a device while the potential customer is out in the world, where your product or service exists.

Apple has an incredible amount of traffic through its App Store and iTunes. They report that about 2 billion apps are downloaded per month. Even just a sliver, less than one percent, of that traffic would be a substantial boost to your business. Today’s advertising needs to be done outside the comfort of the box.

So, armed with this information, what does the modern advertiser do? Unfortunately, not a lot.

With so much content to sift through, it’s a daunting task for anybody. By the time they find the relevant information – it’s no longer relevant. The information moves too fast for a human to track.

Luckily, Coupon Machine has developed a real-time mobile data statistics , allowing anybody to track mobile traffic across the biggest sites on the Internet. And, more importantly, now they’re spending less precious time doing impossible work.

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