LRS 065: Hack Your Metabolism and Productivity with One Lifestyle Change

Hack Your Metabolism and Productivity with One Lifestyle Change - intermittent fasting - the let's reach success podcast

Today on the Let’s Reach Success podcast I’ll talk about one lifestyle change related to how we eat, that will transform every other aspect of our lives too.

I always say all areas are connected anyways.

Optimizing your health means having a clearer mind to do better work. Getting better at time management can be the main reason why someone succeeds with starting a business. And being present and practicing self-acceptance can lead to fantastic relationships with anyone else in your life.

So today I wanna show you how to have a better body, but also a more productive and successful daily life with one lifestyle change – it’s how I eat, and it’s definitely not for everyone.

But it might be just what you need now to start feeling better, having more energy throughout the day, not having food as yet another distraction in your life anymore, and even taking better decisions and becoming more creative.

What I’ll talk about isn’t a diet, although you may have heard of it being related to as one. It’s more of a way of living.

It’s a section of the latest book I published called 10 Brilliant Lifestyle Changes to Make You Live, Think, Feel and Do Business 10x Better 

So, let’s get to the point of today’s episode and see how I hacked my metabolism and productivity at the same time:


Show Notes:

  • How I changed my eating habits without even realizing [2:08]
  • Myths about intermittent fasting debunked [3:18]
  • How my usual day goes and how IF fits perfectly in it [5:49]
  • The exact ways in which intermittent fasting helps me do my work and feel great [7:24]
  • How our ancestors are a proof that this way of eating is a good choice [9:06]


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If you’re curious to see more lifestyle changes like that, make sure you check out the book all this is part of.

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