The Health Benefits of Growing Your Own Fruits And Veggies

The Health Benefits of Growing Your Own Fruits And Veggies

Since decades, environmentalists and health professionals have been warning about the risks and problems associated with the use of various chemicals, insecticides, and pesticides in agriculture.

This, according to experts, not only damages our environment by contaminating the soil and water, it is also dangerous for human health. The produce (i.e. fruits and vegetables) grown and treated with the help of chemicals cause many health problems.

Many people are now opting for organic fruits and vegetables thanks to the increasing awareness about the health hazards inorganic and chemically-treated food items bring with them.

If you are few of those who are still not sold on the idea of organic farming or converting your backyard into a mini-farm, take a look at the following major benefits it brings:

Fresh and Healthy Food

When you are growing fruits and vegetable right in your backyard, you will always have access to fresh produces. Also, they will be healthy and full of nutrients as they would be grown without any harmful herbicides or pesticides.

The continuous and easy availability of healthy and fresh fruits and veggies means you are likely to increase their consumption; and we all know about the unending health benefits of eating nutrient-rich foods.

Keeps You in Shape

Gardening is an activity that keeps you physically active.

This is particularly helpful for those who are too lazy to go to the gym or find exercising to be too boring.

In addition to being a productive hobby, gardening is also a form of a workout. So, get ready to break a sweat and transform your backyard into a little farm.

Additionally, vegetables and fruits are filling and rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre, and other essential nutrients. Yet, they are low in the number of calories, making them wonderful substitutes to those junk and fat-rich foods most of us consume every day.

Fewer Diseases

Many diseases have been spread because of our eating habits, with the unhealthy foods that we consume on a daily basis affecting our health.

Despite the fact that we know of this reality, most of us find it convenient to grab a packet of chips as a snack. When we have access to fresh fruits and vegetables all the time, we will have healthier options to satisfy those hunger pangs, translating into a positive impact on our health.

If you might not know, vegetables are rich in flavonoids, a plant pigment which act as an anti-oxidant and strengthens our immune system, making it capable of fighting against a variety of diseases.

For example, it has been proved by various research studies that a higher consumption of fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of high blood pressure, cataracts, different types of cancer, diabetes, and birth defects. Moreover, they also reduce the chances of stroke by 25%.

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A Healthy Environment

Mother earth is going to thank you for this as well.

Organic farming frees the earth from the extra burden of those pesticides and other chemicals that are dangerous for human health and also affect the soil composition and quality. A healthy environment will ultimately ensure all humans live a healthy life.

In short, organic farming will transform your health and life in a positive way.

Play Safe

In addition to opting for healthier ways of living, act smart and make sure to take some precautionary measures to deal with some unforeseen problems.

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