Insanely Awesome Fun Facts About Horse Racing In Australia

Insanely Awesome Fun Facts About Horse Racing In Australia

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Horse Racing is as old as time in Australia and the fun sport is quickly and rapidly turning into a full-blown event and an economic mainstay of the Australian nation. What we see today is a well organised spectator sport that is held every year and has almost become a permanent part of the nation. The youngsters become engrossed in the sport as soon as they become old enough to recognise a horse.

However, the history–and even the present–is full of some of the most interesting facts involving horseracing. In case you don’t know them, here is the list of interesting things to know regarding horseracing in Australia.

  • A research conducted by Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses revealed that every year, 18,000 horses are bred for races. Also, at any given time in Australia, there are 31,000 thoroughbreds under training, preparing to partake in one race or another.
  • Despite the common belief, there is an animal cruelty act in Victoria’s Prevention of Cruelty to Animals which states that anyone who is mistreating the horse by overriding, overworking, overfeeding, beating, terrifying or tormenting it, is guilty of animal cruelty.
  • Australia has more than 479 racecourses in the country, higher than any other country in the world.
  • The Melbourne Cup is one of the biggest and most popular horserace in the world where the highest racing odds are bet on, by the onlookers.  The state of Victoria enjoys an official day off on the first Tuesday of every November when the race is conducted. The prize money is humongous and large crowd of people appear in the beautiful race course of Flemington wearing hats and other customary and trendy outfits.
  • Phar Lap was a racehorse in 1930 and officially claimed as the greatest racehorse of Australia due to his number of great victories.  Seeing how he was so unbeatable, one would think that his heart weighed just as much as a regular horse’s, around 3.2 kg which is quite light, but shockingly, Phar Lap’s heart used to weigh 6.5 kg.
  • Phar Lap has earned a huge space in the Melbourne Museum with his memorabilia and his heart is displayed in the National Museum in Canberra.
  • One of the youngest Jockey to win the Melbourne cup was 12 years 11 months and 23 days old.
  • In Australia, fools and hopeless cases are often name-called Drongos. Few people know that Drongo was actually a racehorse in the 1920’s who created hype and showed promise when in actual he failed to bring home any cup in 37 starts.
  • The love of sports in Australia has lead to high gambling turnover in which horseracing’s include $10,52.5
  • Every day, an average of 60 races, are conducted in Australia and 22,000 in a year. These races help boost the economy of the country as the racing industries pay the state and elevate the Australian economy by 7.7 billion.

The horse racing industry also helps Australians with job issues as it caters to 5 million customers.

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