LRS 094: How to Accept What We Can’t Change

How to Accept What We Can’t Change - the let's reach success podcast

On this episode of the Let’s Reach Success podcast I’ll talk about acceptance. Haven’t had a zen episode in some time now, so decided it would be great to talk about mindfulness and learning to live with what we can’t change in order to be happy.

One of the main reasons why there’s no balance in life is that most people are desperately trying to change everything. But life has limits, and when we don’t accept that, we end up being constantly disappointed and are taught lessons the hard way.

We often want to control everything.

But there are moments in life – be it when someone doesn’t love us back, we lose a loved one, a project at work fails, an accident happens, or else – when we need to be okay with things the way the are and move on. If not, we’ll be stuck, overthinking the situation, thinking how we could have done it differently, and blaming ourselves, other people or even life for things not working out. That’s a wrong approach and it makes us miserable.

The nature of life is to change, everything is impermanent and that’s how it’s supposed to be. 

It’s a comforting thought if you think about it as it guarantees that all bad moments are temporary and we just need to do what we do, and wait for better times to come.

But the problem comes when we hold onto something.

Be it a person, an object, who we are at this stage of life, what we’ve achieved before but can’t anymore, a place, or a mental state even. We are attached and want the same feeling of comfort, the same outcome. But something has changed, and it just can’t be that way. That’s when we need to gather our willpower and patience and be okay with things in order to keep living our life and be happy in the present.

That is a hard skill to develop if you’re somebody who’s stuck in the past, are negative, like blaming and judging, or always expect more.

I’ll now talk about acceptance a bit more, and hope that with the steps I’ll give you later on you’ll learn how to accept life and anything unexpected the moment it happens, how to be okay with change, and even find peace in the chaos around us.

Show Notes:

  • Why the way we live is a matter of choice, and what’s the right one [3:15]
  • How acceptance leads to powerful behavioral changes [5:21]
  • What is radical acceptance and how to avoid suffering with it [6:59]
  • 5 simple steps to being okay with things we can’t change [10:15]

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