How Can Women Prove Their Independence?

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We may have come a long way in terms of equality, but there’s no denying the world is still very much male-dominated. This is especially true in the workplace, with some industries remaining predominantly male.

The question is, how can women prove their independence in a predominantly male world? Here, you’ll discover some great ways to make your mark of female independence.

Take inspiration from others

Many women find it useful to have role models. Strong female leaders who inspire you can give you great courage to gain your independence.

It’s never been a greater time to be a woman as there’s so many inspirational female role models out there. Similarly, it’s a good idea to build up your own support network.

Recently we’ve seen just how strong the female community is and how well powerful women can pull together, after the “Me Too” movement. Designed to empower female victims of abuse, a huge range of female celebrities have come together to support one another.

The same can be said for female celebrities standing up for equality. The world is certainly changing, and women are starting to show off their independence with pride.

Make decisions and action them

If you want to be truly independent in this male-driven world, you need to do what they do – make decisions and action them.

This could include making a decision to study and completing it to gain a degree. Or, it could be to simply buy yourself a new car from the AA without worrying about being talked down to by the sales team. 

Whatever you want to do, make a decision and take action – it’s the best way to be independent in a male dominant world.

Be confident in your abilities

One of the key things which holds many women back, especially in a male-dominant workplace, is confidence. You need to have confidence in your own abilities.

Nobody has the power to make you feel less than you deserve. Own your ideas and your abilities and be proud of them.

Often, women need to find their voice and not be afraid to speak up for what they want.

It’s said that one of the main reasons men get promoted more over women, is because they have the confidence to ask for one. Many women don’t and so they miss out purely because they didn’t speak up. You need to know your own value and if you want something, just go for it.

Overall, proving your independence in a predominantly male world can be difficult. However, if you follow the advice above you’ll find it much easier.

Remember, you don’t technically need to prove anything to anyone. It’s all about confidence and knowing your value. So, if you need to, work on your confidence and discover just how freeing it can be to just go after what you want.

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