How I Became a Freelancer With No Experience

here's my story of how i started freelancing with no experience and began making money blogging

I’m a big fan of freelancing as a way to make your first money online not just because anyone can get there and it can happen pretty quickly once you build the skill. But because you can start with no experience, just like me.

English is just my second language. I come from a cheap country in Europe and never believed someone would pay me to write for them. But writing was my passion, I started doing it here on Let’s Reach Success and at some point, this turned into my portfolio.

After that, I began pitching my first freelance clients and now I make thousands of dollars monthly doing what I love.

Check out my free course How to Make Your First Money Online Freelancing. This is the blueprint I used to start earning from my passion and become a freelance writer.

Even if you don’t have a skill that comes naturally to you and which you’re passionate about, you can still make it as a freelancer with no experience. I talk about the obstacles and what it takes in my latest guest post. It’s for and you can read it here.

In How to Start Freelancing Without Experience, I share:

  • the importance of choosing the right niche;
  • what’s the thing you should do today to be a freelancer soon;
  • how to have the best portfolio built in the most natural way;
  • where to find your first freelance client and how to land them;
  • what are some sites for freelancers that pay more;
  • what else you should be doing to grow as a freelancer just starting out and have a personal brand before you know it.

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Anyone can start freelancing with no experience and earn their first money online as soon as possible. Here's how I did it together with some resources to help you when you're just starting out as a freelancer: #freelancer #workfromhome #locationindependent #makemoneyonline #blogging

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