The Story of How I Started Let’s Reach Success [Interview for BlogProfits]

The Story of How I Started Let's Reach Success [Interview for BlogProfits]

I did my first proper interview for another platform at the end of 2017, which – surprisingly – let to a second one (more on that in another post). It’s for and I share things about the early days of Let’s Reach Success, it’s revenue model, how I started making money, and the challenges that I overcame along the way.

You can read it here.

Siimon, the guy behind BlogProfits, reached out to me and offered to send over a few questions that I can answer. It was fun. In fact, it made me realize that when others are giving me direction in writing, I tell the story in a different way. In this case, a way that will be helpful for the people that will get to read the interview.

What I Talk About in The Interview

Here are the things I shared in it:

– what I do and what my blog is all about;
– what motivated me to start it;
– how I make money with it;
– how the traffic increased over time;
– how I go about writing content regularly.

interview how lidiya k started and earns $2000/month

I talk about things such as not starting things with the money in mind, staying consistent with your content creation, personal branding, that it’s okay not to know what you’re doing in the beginning, and that it’s key to stay consistent.

If you head to, you’ll find out plenty of other interviews and the stories of bloggers in different fields making $1000/month or $100,000/month.

The second interview in the list, for example, is by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents, one of the most popular sites on the topic of Personal Finance.

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The Importance of Sharing Your Story

As I mentioned, that interview led to another one. Which is a proof of the importance of saying ‘yes’ to opportunities in the digital world, as each can lead to the next big thing. Even if every step you take is small, you can still create a viral effect over time and reach your vision.

And why not connect with bloggers, site owners and influencers yourself and either you interview them for your blog or suggest to share your story in a unique way in front of their audience? You’ll never know if it can happen until you ask.

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