book on how to break a bad habit

This book will teach you how to:

  • understand habit forming and breaking;
  • start taking habits seriously;
  • break a bad behavior of yours;
  • be able to replicate the process with any other bad habit.


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If you can’t really achieve anything big in your life, don’t see any transformations in your behavior and mindset, and don’t seem to be getting closer to your goals, then let me tell you a little about the pillar of personal growth.

It’s all about habits.

Breaking bad ones, replacing them with good ones, learning how to make them stick, and gradually turning the things you do daily into something productive, positive, healthy and successful.

This can be considered the secret success formula you’ve been looking for. But that doesn’t mean it offers a shortcut. No. Habits are hard to be built, and old ones are even harder to be changed. But it’s a process that can be learned. Once you do it right, you’ll just replicate it every next new behavior you’re trying to develop.

This book can help you with that.

The first section is dedicated to understanding the importance of habits. I’ve included a brief explanation of habit forming and breaking, as there’s science and psychology behind all that. But I’ve summarized it in an easy and understandable way so that we can get only what we need from that and put it into practice right away.

Then, still in this first section, I’ll help you get clear about the habit you want to break. It’s crucial that you choose one for this experiment.

In the second part of the book, I’ll walk you through anything you need to keep in mind about how to break a bad habit. Each step is important, so don’t skip any. And again, they are all presented in a simple way.



It’s for people who’ve tried to change their habits many times but still fail.

If you have bad habits, know they are preventing you from moving forward in life and want to get rid of them once and for all, this book is for you. Once you break bad ones, you’ll also learn how to replace them with good ones.

Those who want to understand how habits work and learn to control their behavior.

It’s high time we take control of our habits as they shape our future. I offer an understandable approach to getting familiar with the science and psychology behind behaviors so that you learn how to break a bad habit.




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