How to Find Top Talent for Small Businesses

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Finding and keeping top talent is a challenge that large businesses struggle with every day. This task can be even more of a challenge for small businesses that have fewer resources available than a large company.

With a smaller budget to work with, fewer connections, and less notoriety than big businesses, how can a small business attract and keep top talent?

Here are a few things you can do to make your organization more attractive to high-performance employees.

Build a Great Company Culture

As a business, you should always be striving to create an environment that makes people want to work there.

Work to cultivate an environment where employees are engaged and empowered and feel like valued members of the team.

Give them a voice within the organization by creating an open door policy, where employees feel comfortable discussing problems and ideas with you.

“We do everything we can to create a team atmosphere. I believe that the key to employee engagement is emphasizing the impact each individual has on the overall process.”

Matt Van Gelder –

Make Benefits and Perks Count

It’s not enough to offer competitive compensation when at a small business. A bigger business often has the bandwidth to offer more.

That’s not always the case, depending on the structure and success of the businesses, but it’s best to prepare yourself for that possibility. To counteract that, make up for it in benefits and perks.

Be creative with what you offer.

Health benefits are a huge hit, but they aren’t the be-all and end-all of attractive business offers.

Many employees like knowing they’ll have the flexibility to work from home or that their health and wellness is cared for through a gym membership.

Other popular perks are free snack bars or educational assistance. Be creative, and top talent will come your way.

Spin It

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A well-written job posting can have job seekers lined up around the block for an interview. Take the time to write a creative, eye-catching job posting that works on the reader’s emotions, sparking intrigue and excitement.

If this level of creativity is beyond the capabilities of someone within your organization, outsource.

The job posting acts as an advertisement for your business. Once the top talent comes knocking, it’s your job to sell them on a position that will have them signing on the dotted line.

Work with a Recruiter

As a small business, you may not have the funds to work with a large-scale executive recruiter. There are other options within the recruiting world, however, that can help you find the right person to bring your company to new levels.

Put your networking to the test and get recommendations on recruiters that you can afford that also have a proven history of results.

If possible, work with a contingency recruiter. Contingency recruiters don’t receive payment until the person they recruit is hired.

This is often a more affordable option for businesses on a smaller budget.

Use Your Network

Social media, particularly LinkedIn, is an effective way to make connections with potential employees. Post frequently, adding valuable, interesting content and reach out to make a connection.

When you connect with someone who may be a good fit for your business, take the time to craft a personalized message and work on building a rapport over time.

This way, when you finally ask for a meeting, it won’t appear as though some stranger is coming out of the woodwork to sell something.

In a small business, you’ll need to be more proactive and creative in your search for top talent. By creating a powerful business brand and becoming known for your positive culture and great perks, you’ll be able to attract and keep high-performance employees.

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