As exciting as the studying of a subject you love seems, and as optimistic as you may be about writing essay after essay, project after project on a topic you are passionate about, there will come a time in your education where you struggle to find the motivation to continue to read up on something, or to express your opinion on something.

There will come a time when you simply can’t write anymore, when you feel like you’ve said everything you need to say about a topic, but you still need to write more.

Maybe you’ve written 1000 words on a subject, but the essay needs to be 3000. The most important thing to remember in this situation? The fact that everyone has these problems, from you at university to the greatest thinkers and essayists in the world. We all have moments where we struggle to find the motivation to carry on writing and exploring what we are.

Although I say this, you might be thinking, well this is all well and good, but who is going to write my dissertation if I can’t find the motivation for it? Never fear, here are a few tips that will help you to stay motivated.

Visit a place of interest.

If you are studying something, it can be very easy to remain cooped up in your room or the library and to slowly lose sight of why you chose to explore a topic in the first place. This is very dangerous territory to stray into, as soon you could lose sight of why you are taking your course altogether.

The antidote for this? Leave your room and go out into the big, wide world, find a museum, gallery or exhibition that is related to the topic you are studying. This will no doubt invigorate you and your passion for your subject.

For example, if you are studying the history of Christianity in London, you could go and visit All Hallows Church, the first ever church built in London. The majesty and history of this building will overwhelm you with the sense of importance and significance that Christianity must have had in those days.

And you will be able to go back your work with a more well-rounded sense of why what you are studying is so important and integral to your understanding of religion. A visit to a physical site of interest is exactly what you need sometimes to relight the fire of passion and interest!

Get support.

5 Things to Do to Avoid Burnout

The feeling of not being motivated enough to study can often stem from a lack of support and help when studying. Absolutely everyone needs support when they are studying and working on something, you are no different?

Where can you go to get that support? Well a multitude of places!

One place you can go is your friends and family! You can hand them you work and ask them to check through the grammar and spelling of the piece! They might come back to you and tell you you’ve been spelling a word or name wrong! This will be a great help, and you can think, now I’ve got that problem sorted, I’m more motivated to improve the rest of my work!

Another area you can go for support is online essay writing services like Paperial. These site specialise in coming to the aid of students that are struggling with essays. They can help you realise what the best direction for your essay to go is, and assist you in getting your essay onto that pathway.

You can trust the opinion of those on essay writing service websites as the people employed on there are usually very skilled in their field. The important point is, is that support can help you to reinvigorate your interest in a subject by cross referencing the work you’ve already done!

So many skilled writers, all through the history of the world have struggled to stay motivated in their studies! And you are no different than them, the important thing to remember, is that there is always a way out of this spiral, there is always a way to pick yourself up and start again. Examiners can tell when you have written a motivated piece of writing, and when you’ve just phoned it in and written something because you’ve had to!