LRS 103: How to Have a Successful Podcast: Tips from The Best

How to Have a Successful Podcast: Tips from The Best - the lets reach success podcast

Thanks for joining me for another dose of inspiration and action from the most successful people in different fields here on The Let’s Reach Success Podcast.

Today I will talk about podcasting. Still not many bloggers or online business owners have given this a chance. But I do believe it’s a great addition to your brand and something you can enjoy, a new skill you can build, and a fantastic way to find new fans, build an audience and gain exposure.

You also get to connect with listeners on a more personal level as letting them hear your voice is better than just communicating through written content.

The final step is video, but it’s something many people don’t feel comfortable with. The best strategy, though, is combining all of these.

Which means writing, talking and making videos about your field so that you can be on all big platforms such as iTunes and YouTube, and let people choose how they want to learn things from you.

Anyways, today I wanna share some good tips on how to launch and grow a podcast and become known in your niche.

Most often this won’t be for the money, but the benefits are still enough. I will share advice from some of my most favorite entrepreneurs online, whose podcasts you’re probably pretty familiar with. That’s Tim Ferriss with the #1 business podcast on iTunes the Tim Ferriss Show, and Pat Flynn, host of the Smart Passive Income Podcast. Both of these people started it on the side, along with all the other things they were doing on their sites. And today their shows are the biggest part of their business growth and authority.

The third person I wanna cite in this episode of the podcast is Noah Kagan, who just recently launched his show Noah Kagan Presents. There he gathers other favorite entrepreneurs and asks them to share their success stories. That really seems to be our favorite format, doesn’t it?

He built a few solid businesses first and his personal brand is gaining enough attention. So publishing the first episodes of the show was sure to grab attention and regular listeners. It’s going pretty well now.

Okay, so if you’re thinking of finally starting your own show (which isn’t as hard as some people think), or have one already but wanna change direction and be a better podcaster, today’s episode will help you.

Learn how to launch and grow a successful podcast.

  • The mindset Tim Ferriss developed when starting his podcast [3:04]
  • His best tips for podcasters on format, sponsors, etc. [6:35]
  • Why Pat Flynn waited for a year and a half before launching his podcast [10:12]
  • A look inside Noah Kagan’s podcast launch that brought 10K listeners in one month [15:30]

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