how to kill procrastination - book

This book will teach you how to:

  • define the excuses you use to put things off for later;
  • find the deeper reasons behind why you procrastinate;
  • take the necessary steps to overcome procrastination once and for all;
  • become more productive as a result.

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Let’s face it, we all want to get things done. That makes us feel accomplished and productive, we see results and can move forward in life.

But procrastination is this awful thing that always gets in the way. It can make us overthink a task for hours and analyze what might go wrong, when all we should do is simply take the first step and start working on it.

That’s when self-analysis comes in handy.

It’s crucial to be aware of why you procrastinate, so that you can do something about it and learn how to kill procrastination once and for all. After all, defining a problem is the first part of solving it.

So in this book you’ll learn how to do that. To find the excuse you constantly come up with when you need to get to work, to see the why behind it and get to deeper layers of your mind.

There you’ll find things like insecurities, perfectionism, not being motivated enough, lack of confidence in your abilities, and more.

In How to Kill Procrastination One Excuse at a Time I give you a simple explanation for the reason why you procrastinate, and a short, practical step-by-step guide on what to do about it.



It’s for people who don’t know where to start when facing a task.

If you’re overwhelmed by the big picture, and not knowing where to begin when having to start a new project scares you, then this book is for you.

Those for whom everything feels like an obligation.

Some people feel pressure when they have to get something done. Others expect them to perform in a certain way and they feel like they are doing it for many reasons but for themselves. If that’s the case, this book will help you.

Those who aren’t motivated to get things done.

If you always lack the desire to start working on a task, and dread it and put it off for later instead, this book will help you understand how to kill procrastination.

People looking to finally get things done and move closer to their goals.

In the long term, procrastination gets in the way of your life goals. If you’ve decided to do things differently this time and want to take control of your level of productivity, this is the book for you.



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