There are many ways to start a hustle and earn money on the side, such as freelancing and blogging. Another great idea is to make money trading.

In particular, you might want to try forex trading online. Here’s why.

Benefits of Forex Trading

  • It’s open 24/7, 5 days a week;
  • Transaction costs are low;
  • It’s flexible – you participate from any country in the world and can set your own hours;
  • There’s no centralized exchange like with stocks. Instead, every transaction is online and trading is done globally, which provides ease of access.
  • You can trade using leverage (you’re allowed to trade more money than what you have in your account);
  • With Forex, you can earn much more than with most of the other financial markets;
  • Quick returns – often, even those starting out can earn money within days;
  • It’s fun;
  • You have the chance to make money trading, become a successful forex trader and turn this into a business.

You can learn some practical skills such as risk and money management, keeping good records, understanding losses, and more.

What you need to start making money trading online is a secure platform, and one I recently found is GigaFX.

Its mission is to equip traders with the opportunity for success and provide security and a great user experience. The trading platform is made for both new and experienced traders.

Most online brokers want to make money from you and take big commissions. With GigaFX, however, you have none. That means you can easily start trading without losing some of your money every time you trade.

How Does Trading with GigaFX Work? 

Some of the benefits of the platform for those who want to make money trading include:

  • No trading fees or commissions
  • Up to 1:150 leverage
  • Tight spreads
  • Speedy trade executions
  • Multi-platform trading options – WEB, MT4, MOBILE
  • Fast and easy deposit/withdrawal process
  • High level of security
  • Top trading conditions
  • Transparent, clear UX
  • Cutting-edge design and functionality
  • First-class customer service

To become a trader using GigaFX, head to the homepage and click ‘Start Trading’.

how to make money trading

You’ll then see a form where you can fill in your details and create your account. 

Next is the trade room you’ll be redirected to. 

start trading

GigaFX made it easy for new traders to get started as you can begin with a minimum deposit while still enjoying the great features of the trading platform.

Whenever you have a question, you can contact support via phone, email or contact form. All these are available on the site.

How to Make Money Trading: Tips to Get Started

To successfully make money trading on GigaFX or with any other broker, you will have to keep some basic rules in mind.

It’s good to have a trading plan in place as well as your own strategy. However, start small, see how the market works, and only then should you be able to develop your intuition for trading and do things your way.

Practice makes perfect, like with any other skill. Give it some time (although making money trading can happen as soon as this week for you).

You will have to take a risk but make sure it’s calculated, otherwise losing might make you stressed.  Read about the 1-percent risk rule here.

That’s not what trading is all about. You will lose money and that’s okay. But how much and in what way is up to you.

It’s best if you don’t let your emotions get in the way as they can only distract you.

Keep mastering the art of being a forex trader through articles, videos and tutorials available online.

Are you ready to try this as a side hustle and make money trading? If so, head to GgaFX and take the first steps today.