How to Take a Professional Selfie

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You’re launching your site or blog and you don’t have enough funds to pay a professional photographer. In such a case, you won’t be able to get professional images for your site.

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The following article outlines some of the Dos and Donts when taking a selfie.

1. Know Your Device

Before hitting the shutter button in your phone, ensure you know the device you are working with.

Asking yourself these questions will help offer insights.

  • Am I on the selfie mode? In most cases, the answer will be in the affirmative. However, don’t assume.
  • Will I have one shutter release or more?
  • Can I make adjustments to the white balance or the overall tone?
  • Can I make adjustments on the exposure?

These features will vary depending on the phone you are using and its camera settings. So, check through its setting to ensure you are comfortable with your phone. You will also get the idea of what it can do in a given environment.

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2. Evaluate Your Surroundings

Please, don’t forget to consider your background. Remember, you want these photos to be polished, presentable and professional.

When taking a professional selfie, these are some basic rules that you shouldn’t do.

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3. Never take a bathroom selfie

No one wants to see laundry at the background of your images. Well, yes you may be having lots of purple underwear, but a bathroom selfie is not good for business.

4. Don’t Take a Mirror Selfie

Well unless you are a teenager who wants to show off their toned abs.

Well, we’ve seen what you shouldn’t do when taking a professional self-portrait. Here are some basic considerations to make when assessing your environment.

  • Look for an Open Space

A park, your backyard or an occupied room in your room. The key is to have a room you can move around, do some test options and choose the best colors and landscape that complements your shot.

  • Choose your Posture

Well, people will be torn between standing and sitting when taking a selfie. Here, there is no preferred option. Just take the option you feel comfortable with. Be mindful of your entire body and its posture where you choose to sit.

Great pictures focus on the angles. As such, don’t lean too much backward or forward. Where possible, just sit upright.

5. Lights

Use the natural light. Don’t make the mistake of using the flash on your phone. Here is why:

Most smartphones don’t give you the option to adjust the intensity of this light. As such, using it for a selfie allows a large amount of light to be aimed at you leading to overexposure. In such a case, you’ll need to edit photos and make your face visible.

The flashbulbs work effectively when the object is over a certain distance. Diffusion is the term that photography experts use to refer to this exercise.

The intensity of these lights is done to function in areas that don’t have adequate lighting. However, when the objects are so near the camera, this option becomes ineffective.

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