If you’ve decided to go camping for the very first time, or are already doing it every now and then, then there are some fun ways to spend your time.

In fact, there are hobbies, games and little things people from all ages can do, to make going camping an even better experience.

It’s about socializing and doing different things from what you do in daily life. So keep an open mind about it, and try everything on the list below before you say it’s not for you.

Here are some ideas for camping activities:

Campfire activities for big groups.

Okay, let’s imagine it’s many of you, from all ages, and you’ve gathered around the fire.

The weather is nice and allows you to stay outside the whole night, everyone’s having a great time, someone even knew how to actually start a campfire like a pro, and now you are looking for group activities to do around it.

You can begin by telling stories. Depending on the audience, it could be ghost stories, truth or dare, or else. Roast marshmallows at the same time.

Then, you can sing and dance around the fire.

Get active when you go camping.

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Although having some moments of silence to relax is also important, and that will be included in the list below, make sure you stay active.

After all, you went camping in order to do more and different things than you normally do. Not just to lie in the tent, skip fun activities, or say ‘no’ to hikes or anything adventurous that takes hours and a lot of energy.

The outside camping activities you can begin with, are exploring nature in the area, cycling, hiking, rock climbing, orienteering, and more.

Depending on whether or not there’s water nearby, you can go fishing, swimming, stone skipping, canoeing or kayaking, snorkeling, etc.

Play games.

If it’s a family camp trip, you can start with hide and seek, capture the flag or scavenger hunt.

Card and board games are always a good idea for camping activities, but maybe when it’s time for bed, or after a hike when everyone’s a bit tired.

All these are a great way to take kids away from their phones and have some quality family time together.

Of course, you can also turn any outdoor activity into a camping game, by keeping scores, setting some rules or just getting creative.

That could be bug or leaf collecting, taking pictures of interesting animals or plants you see, etc.

There are plenty of summer camp games for children, too, where any adult can also take part in. These include circle games, name games and team building activities.

Learn new skills.

Let’s start with the basics of camping, such as finding a campsite, putting up a tent and starting a fire. Make sure you take part when anything happens so that you can try it out yourself.

If you’re an eager learner, you can also build a camping first aid kit, cross a river, purify water, and cook for everyone.

Some of these camping skills might require preparation and bringing the right tools, or watching a how-to video and trying it before leaving for your trip.

You’ll feel great about yourself if you become a survival expert and can take care of others, provide for them, be prepared if anything unexpected happens, and be the leader of the camp with your knowledge and organizational skills.

Relaxing things to do while camping.

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You don’t want to come back to reality exhausted, so having a good sleep at night, taking care of yourself and getting rested even during the day are all important.

It’s even better when you turn any camping activity into a form of relaxation.

Some ideas include cloud or birdwatching, reading a book or writing while enjoying nature, taking a nap in a hammock after a meal together, stargazing, meditating, going for a night walk.

All these are great to clear your mind, and they are still totally different from what you do any other day as it’s in nature and you can just breathe deeply and not thing about anything else.

Make sure you keep yourself hydrated, eat fresh foods and not worry about work or anything else too much.

Such camping activities can make you love these getaways and do them more often.

It’s a great way to connect, escape reality, get refreshed, stay active and learn new things. And camping can be a way to spend a weekend with your partner, reunite with all your college friends, bring your family together, or show your kids that there’s more to life than what they see in the big city.

So, what other camping activities can you think of that are worth trying on your next trip?