How to Increase Office Efficiency [Infographic]

How to Increase Office Efficiency [Infographic]

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Do you have daily catch-up meetings? If you do, you could be unknowingly taking away 17.5 hours of working time per week. This means your office efficiency won’t be as high as it could be.

Businesses can always make little alterations to help your office efficiency increase.

To increase office efficiency, you need to make your employees feel valued and comfortable within their working environment. This can be doing things like regular training which will benefit the company in many ways and also by offering the option of remote working.

Being able to work from home is a great plus for staff, if they have any lost time or don’t think they can reach a certain deadline. It will help with motivation while boosting your office efficiency when staff are unable to get into the office, they can still work.

As study suggests, working from home can also boost their happiness, which they bring to the office.

A second monitor at work can help boost productivity by 20 to 30%. This translates to each staff member could complete up to 75.9 more days work every year. Bigger screens also contribute to the increase in efficiency.

Having social media platforms for internal company use can help with communication throughout the business and therefore help when sharing ideas, brainstorming and recognising achievements of other workers.

External social media access throughout the day can make for productive breaks. They can help aid productivity and clear the brain of stress.

There is always a lot of talk surrounding music and if it helps efficiency or if it interrupts the workflow. Some people find it helps them, other people claim that it slows them down. Tests have been done and it is proven that music helps boost efficiency when workers are doing repetitive tasks and it can spark creativity.

Although, no distractions should be present when workers are learning new things.

The atmosphere is one of the most important things in an office.

You need your office to be light enough so it doesn’t cause drowsiness but not too bright as this can cause migraines.

The best lighting is natural lighting, this produces maximum employee satisfaction and efficiency.

The University of Exeter carried out research about plants in the office and if they can increase productivity. The results process that they can increase well-being by 47%, creativity by 47% and productivity by 38%. So, having plants in your office won’t hurt your worker’s productivity.

Whether temperature effects attendance and focus is always a part of a large conversation. Does the change in weather change people’s working habits?

The truth is that in the summer months, attendance will decrease by 19% and workers tend to be 45% more distracted. This is according to a study done by the Captivate Network. The tip is to keep offices cooler for higher attendances and increased productivity.

This infographic from WD Storage shows the top tips to increase office efficiency, what is stunting your efficiency and how to carry the top tips out.


How to Increase Office Efficiency

Any other tips on how to increase office efficiency and create a better, more productive working environment?

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