6 Industries Being Disrupted in the Digital Age

6 Industries Being Disrupted in the Digital Age

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No one can deny the fact the technology has altered our lives to a whole new level. Especially the developments in the past two decades have considerably affected our lifestyles for better and worse both. In a wide range of technological implications, there are many industries that have to take the strain of drastic shaping and changing of times.

Let’s have a brief discussion on some of the industries that have suffered immensely during the transformation from analogous to digital.

Television Industry

Television as a medium is here to stay for many years to come. However, the conventional structure of television industry has been badly affected by the introduction of many digital innovations in this domain. For instance, Netflix has completely transformed the TV-watching habits all around the world.

According to the statistics from this year, nearly one-third Australians now have Netflix subscriptions. The number of subscriptions is also increasing exponentially with 20% increase in the first quarter of 2017.

Similar ‘internet-TV’ models of Hulu, Amazon, and Apple are also taking the share of a pie of traditional television industry. Some experts suggest that T, as we knew it till the 90s, will not be around in next 10 to 15 years.

Print Media

Whether it’s books, magazines or newspapers, print media has also taken a hit from the digital age.

Some newspapers and magazines have discontinued their print editions and are now totally operating in the online environment. Similarly, the centuries-old tradition of reading paper books is also dying due to the tremendous pervasiveness of digital means.

Real Estate Business

Gone are the days when people have to physically move to look and deal in real estate properties. Now, every aspect of real estate dealings can be carried out online. From property locators to virtual tours and online real estate agents, each step of buying or selling a property can be executed on the web.

Even now, you can oversee the concluding steps of any property transaction from the comfort of your home or office through MyPlaceConveyancing. You can actually seal a real estate deal now without leaving your space.

Transport Industry

If we particularly talk about the hired vehicle transport industry, then Uber has certainly made a huge dent in the profits of the conventional taxicab.

Uber, a phenomenon originated a few years ago, is now operating in more than 80 countries and catering to around 40 million passengers every month. All the numbers indicating its growth are only increasing with time.

Retail Shopping

Conventional brick and mortar retail shopping has also been badly affected by the online world in recent years. People have become very much accustomed to the habit of buying each and every commodity online.

E-commerce companies such as Amazon and Alibaba have truly captured the imagination of shoppers.


The field of advertisement is also being rapidly transformed into a digital thing. 

Whether global conglomerates or small-scale businesses, everyone is now more focused to carry out to successful social media campaigns instead of erecting billboards and having print ads.

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