LRS 049: What Makes Instagram a Lucrative Opportunity and How to Monetize It

What Makes Instagram a Lucrative Opportunity and How to Monetize It - the let's reach success podcast

This is episode 49 of the Let’s Reach Success podcast and the topic is Instagram, as it’s such a popular platform we can benefit from in so many ways. Now, I’ll focus on the making money aspect.

It’s possible not only to make money on Instagram, but to even turn this into the biggest asset to your business.

Of course, everything we’ll talk about today means you’ll first need to build a following and then monetize it in a way you find best for your strategic goals. But once you have an audience, you attract even more people, and they are all more engaged than on any other platform online.

Some individuals and businesses are making a fortune solely on Instagram, but it’s taken them some trial and error to get there.

So, let’s find out why Instagram is such a good opportunity to make profit, and what’s your best option to cash in on it.


Show Notes:

  • The power and popularity of Instagram [1:19]
  • How to go about affiliate marketing when using Instagram [2:58]
  • How to make money on IG with sponsored posts [4:01]
  • How to sell your Instagram photos, or even your whole account [5:40]


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How will you monetize your IG account and why? Share your goals, together with your Instagram handle.

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