5 Reasons to Take an iOS 11 Course Before The Update Launches

5 Reasons to Take an iOS 11 Course Before It Launches

The new iOS is coming soon.

iOS 11 will be the 11th major release of Apple and was officially announced less than 2 months ago.

The mobile operating system giants themselves say this will be a huge step for iPhone and a monumental leap for iPad.

And while it won’t be the last time you hear about new iOS features that are out of this world, this might be the first time you should think about building this as a skill.

Here’s what I mean.

Skills are powerful. Digital skills are necessary. But mobile advancement can become your biggest asset.

You don’t even need to know where learning how to use iOS 11 can take you. But having something related to it in your skillset, such as coding in Apple’s programming language, building apps from scratch, using its interface or even creating games, can be something to be known for, your next online business idea, your first ever product release, something that tech companies will be interested in, and a skill to monetize by becoming a freelancer.

A simple iOS 11 course can give you all these opportunities. And what better place than Udemy – the largest marketplace for online courses on any topic. Especially now that all courses are $10 till the end of the month.

Let’s see why that’s worth your time.

1. Stay up to date.

Things are changing. Fast.

When you deny that innovation is everywhere around, you’re left behind.

But once you install iOS 11 on your iPhone and iPad, you will be introduced to a whole new world.

iOS11 is all about new camera capacities, improved Siri, reworked iOS multitasking, changes to Control Center, peer-to-peer transactions with Apple Pay, and awesome augmented reality.

Even if you have some coding skills or have even created apps before, this will be a new challenge for you.

With new technology, of course, come new chances to create your big thing and turn it into something profitable.

2. Learn from the experts.

Preparation is key. And what better way to show that than to take an iOS 11 course before the official release date.

You can learn like a pro, from a pro.

Only the best instructors teach on Udemy. They know the backend and frontend, and can deliver knowledge in a way that’s retainable, with real-world applications to lock in learning.

3. It’s super cheap.

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Luckily, the experts at Udemy have seen the benefits of that niche early on and their courses are already up and at an affordable price.

Forget about special programs or even college, for that matter. With all the information available at the tip of our fingers, and deals like that, everything is at no cost, as long as you’re dedicated to not just learning, but also putting the knowledge into practice right after that.

Udemy released 28 courses in 13 different languages focused on iOS 11 Mobile Development today.

Make sure you don’t miss out by enrolling for one of these by the end of the month for just $10.

4. Become an app developer.

Actually creating an application and releasing it on the market might sound impossible to you. Especially if you never thought you could start something on your own any time soon, consider this set of skills out of your range, or else.

Well, with a profitable niche like that, it’s focused and consistent work that’s separating you from success.

No one said your first app should be your biggest success. You don’t need to be a game-changer and aim at creating the next social media network, dating app, or time tracker.

You just need to use your imagination, find out what you’re truly passionate about, and see if you can solve a problem in a unique way or make people’s lives easier by creating an app they can use for something specific.

5. Add it as a new skill to your repertoire.

New digital skills are absolutely never a waste of time.

The least you can do once you take an iOS 11 course by an expert developer, is to offer this new type of work you can do to clients and get paid for it.

Just think about it. You can create a whole business for yourself and start building your career as a self-employed individual in a weekend or one week.

No rush though. With the easy and constant access to online courses, the education is waiting for you whenever and wherever you’re ready. All it takes to transition to student mode is the touch of a button.

Udemy’s top app development instructors and their iOS 11 courses

If you’re wondering where to begin, simply browse the newly available iOS 11 courses that Udemy released for enthusiasts.

It could be a whole package, enabling you to go from complete beginner to job-ready.

Here are 3 of the best ones:

For something as crucial as preparing yourself for iOS 11, you can’t waste your time on anything less than the best. Make the investment that’ll pay off – big time.

So, does taking an iOS 11 course sound like your next side project?

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