7 Reasons Why You Should Take Up The ITIL Foundation Training

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Information Technology Infrastructure Library Training, or more commonly known as ITIL training, is a set of practices that enable trainees to focus on aligning IT services and business requirements.

The ITIL Foundation training is the first level of training qualification which provides an overview of the essential theories, terms and concepts used in the ITIL Service Lifecycle.

Why Consider Completing The ITIL Foundation Training?

1. It’s just the beginning.

The ITIL Foundation course is the first stepping stone of the ITIL certification course. It is designed in such a way, that it will give you a solid concept and background for the rest of the course.

It will not only teach you the basic things about IT practices. But also give you a fair idea about the IT roles that you can consider after the completion of the entire course.

Basics include terminology, primary concepts and key elements of how to run an IT service organization.

This level is perfectly built, such that it creates a foundation that gives you a general outline, specific summation and also makes you aware of the IT roles effectively.

The ITIL Foundation course is followed by the Practitioner level, the Intermediate level and the Expert level. It ends with the Master level.

2. An all-rounder course.

The ITIL course can be primarily divided into five volumes. These volumes consist of all the roles and functions related to the IT division.

It has everything starting from how to understand customers’ needs to taking care of big infrastructure enhancements and IT organizations. Apart from that, it teaches you all about configuration management, vendor management, etc. That too in full detail.

So, once you complete the ITIL course, you are totally aware of anything that falls under the category of IT practices or its roles.

3. Better paying jobs.

The ITIL certification course is considered as one of the most recognized IT certifications of all time.

The ITIL certified professionals add quite a lot of value to the company they are associated with. This is the reason why they are very much in demand, which has led to well-paying jobs.

It is not uncommon for them to be paid upwards of a few lakhs. This certificate training course will set you apart from the rest.

4. Global recognition of the ITIL certification.

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The ITIL certifications are recognized all over the world.

The ITIL practices are applied across various industries that employ IT services. Hence, an ITIL certified professional can pick from a wide range of jobs, companies and even countries.

It is believed that over 10,000 companies apply ITIL services across the world and the demand for certified professionals is increasing every day. The Foundation training can hence enable you take the first step to a career choice in demand around the world.

5. Pre-requisite for most IT jobs.

These days, almost every entry-level IT professional is required to have a certified qualification in order to be qualified for a decent job.

The ITIL certification training program is a globally accepted course, which makes it even more prominent and relevant.

So, this course is a prerequisite for most of the IT jobs that are out there at present.

The ITIL Foundation course is the perfect solution for all sorts of IT practices, irrespective of the organization. It is built to test your level of competence. Also, to make sure that your working skills are sufficiently competent and you are prepared to cope with the IT environment.

This certification training program will enhance your qualification in the current market to a great extent.

6. The course can be modified.

In case, you are wondering if you can enroll for any specific role, there is a solution for that too. You can modify the content of your course as per your requirement.

You have the flexibility to choose the exact skills, techniques and knowledge you want to learn. The course can be entirely customized as per the need of your organization or your desired job role.

7. Flexibility. 

In case, you are facing a time constraint with respect to your current engagements, be it your academic perusal or your present job, there is no need to worry about it.

You can attend the ITIL certification training classes whenever you get time. This is because the ITIL Foundation courses are online. You will not have to appear for any classroom training sessions.

The ITIL Foundation course is designed exclusively as an online learning course.

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