Top 3 Unusual Job Search Tactics to Get Hired

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Despite the obvious improvements in the economy, it’s still quite difficult to land a decent job. The recent research states that 8% of young college grads are currently unemployed.

What is more, effective April 2017, the U.S. underemployment rate was 14%.

Of course, it’s no fun at all to serve burgers part-time in an attempt to repay the student loans from your bachelor’s degree.

It’s time to get a job you really want – but how can you get it?

If you’ve been searching for a job for quite a long time and ordinary job search methods have failed you, you may need to try new tactics. Consider some of the following unusual ways to get the attention of HR managers that have actually worked.

Place an Advertisement on Google.

One of the successful examples of determined job seekers is a man named Alec Brownstein who got hired by CBS News thanks to his uncommon job search strategy.

Once he was searching the top executives of the company he wanted to work for on Google, and he noticed that the results didn’t include any paid ads. When he realized that executives may Google themselves once in a while, he decided to open an AdWords account and buy the top spot for a few names.

Some time after that one of the directors of that company googled himself and saw this advertisement. After that, he called Alec and invited him for a job interview, which eventually got him the job.

Brownstein’s advertisement cost him only 15 cents. Surely, professional CV writing service reviews can help you create an impressive resume to get the desired job. However, this story proves that sometimes creative approach can be just as effective.

Buy an Advertisement on a Billboard.

If you feel like you’ve done everything you could and nothing works for you, try placing an ad on a billboard. We’re not kidding.

A recent college graduate, Adam Pacitti, had applied to hundreds of various companies in an attempt to get a decent job.

Getting no interviews or even phone calls, he decided to launch a campaign called “Employ Adam”. He rented the billboard with his picture and such words, “I spent my last $500 on this billboard. Please give me a job.”

Being determined and trying his best to get the attention of prospective recruiters, Adam soon became famous all over the world. News about his creative job-hunting tactic quickly spread on the TV, radio, and mass media in many countries.

Many people also used the hashtag “#EmployAdam” on Twitter to help him get noticed.

As a result, this brave young man got over 60 job offers, and eventually found his dream job. Here’s what he spent his first paycheck on.

Since that time his creative and unusual projects have been shown on CNN, BBC, CBS, and more. Nowadays, he works as a viral producer for various projects at Seachange.

Put Your Application in a Beer Bottle.

Another creative young man named Kelly Taylor has always dreamed of becoming a brewmaster in a bar. He created his application document and applied for an assistant brewer position.

You would think his resume was an ordinary one, but actually, it wasn’t.

He decided to bring a bottle of a home brew to the job interview and place his resume on the bottle as a label.

It was his plan to apply first for the next best position of an assistant. His plan worked, and he not only got this position but was also promoted to brewmaster within six months.

Brennan Gleason from Canada took the beer-bottle application to the next level. He was about to graduate from the university when he got an assignment to create a self-promotion project.

Having several bottles of fresh beer and a degree in graphic design, he came up with an idea to place a bit of his resume on each beer bottle. Then he sent all of them to several design companies he was interested in.

Eventually, he landed a position as the creative director at a digital marketing company.

Of course, not all the crazy job search tactics will get you the job. It can be hard to know just how far can you take these methods.

There are dozens of other creative strategies and ways how people grabbed the employer’s attention. Not to mention, there are job opportunities in software engineering and any other field you might want to enter. In other words, the key to success is to do something that differentiates you from the others.

About The Author

This is a guest post by Ann Mosley, a representative of TopResumesWriters. Thinking outside the box and finding creative solutions are the main features of her approach. Ann’s goal is to help job seekers find jobs that bring both wealth and satisfaction.

If you’ve been searching for a job for quite a long time and ordinary job search methods have failed you, you may need to try new tactics. Here are three unusual job search tactics guaranteed to give you the attention of the employer.

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