LRS 053: The Truth About Learning Skills (and Why You Can Do Anything)

The Truth About Learning Skills (and Why You Can Do Anything) - the let's reach success podcast

This is episode 53 of the Let’s Reach Success podcast and the topic today is learning skills – why this matters, what we do wrong, and what it takes to actually master a skill in any area of life.

I’m a big believer in human potential, and also that with enough work and focus you can learn how to do anything. If you make it your priority and are strategic, you can master it. From then on, the possibilities are endless.

Our whole life is a learning process. Unfortunately, some people are limited either by formal education, that basically makes you stop learning anything new after school, or think we are born with some talents, and that’s as far as we can get.

Well, that’s not the truth.

There are millions of people out there who’ve achieved a lot in a field only because they took a conscious decision to enter it, learn everything about it, and practice, practice, practice.

I love hearing about people’s transformations due to being tired of living a mediocre life and wanting to improve. It all starts with not being satisfied with who you are or your current lifestyle. Then the pain of not changing is bigger than the discomfort of actually taking actions every day to get out of your comfort zone and do things better.

That’s how progress comes. And learning skills is a big part of that.

Even if you don’t master it, or don’t plan on making it your career, it still affects you more than you think, changes your perspective, and helps you build some personal qualities and good habits that you can apply to anything else you do.

I’ll now make a few things about skill learning clear, and, hopefully, change your mind and make you believe that you can learn anything you put your mind to.

Show Notes:

  • A few key things to know about learning skills [2:16]
  • What it takes to master a skill [3:00]
  • What we do wrong when working on new skills [4:16]
  • How experts become good at something [5:50]
  • Why being okay at something doesn’t mean much and what to do about it [7:36]


Thanks for listening.

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