The following article is a guest post.

Our experts from San Francisco Movers will tell you how to facilitate your moving in 24 simple ways.

  1. Put all your essentials, like documents, toiletries, and gadgets, in an overnight bag to take with you.
  2. Gather all the first necessity items in a clear plastic box so you will easily find them anytime.
  3. Stock up on stretch wrap – surely, you will need it for wrapping different things and keeping items together.
  4. There’s no need to buy extra boxes: use your own bins, baskets, and suitcases.
  5. If possible, prepare the bathroom and kitchen in your new home – do cleaning and place all the items needed.
  6. To prevent your powder boxes from breaking, put additional cotton pads into them.
  7. Use plastic wrap to cover the openings of your liquid cosmetics and put their tops back on.
  8. To save on bubble wrap, pack glass kitchenware in clean clothing.
  9. Arrange plates vertically to move them safely.
  10. If you have to transport a dresser with many drawers, you can leave all the contents inside. Just separate all the drawers with seal wrap.
  11. Put your clothes together into a vacuum-sealed bag keeping them on the hangers – it is a fast and easy way to pack and unpack those.
  12. Before disconnecting your electronics, take a picture of how they all are wired so you won’t have troubles with re-connecting those.
  13. If you have to move some details of your electronics apart, place those in sandwich bags and stick on corresponding labels. Thus, you will keep small parts together and always know what belongs where.
  14. Have extra beer boxes? Don’t throw them out – they are great for transporting books as they have handles on their sides.
  15. Do you wanna get rid of some items? Give those away or sell via the Internet. Remember to take care of it a month before you move – this process usually takes the certain time.
  16. Defrost your refrigerator a day prior to moving and wipe all the water away.
  17. Go shopping for food two weeks before you move so you will end up using all the products without a need to throw them out.
  18. If you decide to hire movers, read their terms and conditions carefully to make sure everything satisfies you.
  19. For house renters. Once your old home is cleaned out, take photos of it to avoid paying any extra fees charged by your landlords. And do the same before moving into a new house.
  20. Don’t forget to inform your service providers, bank, and administration authorities that you are going to change your address two weeks in advance.
  21. If you have kids or pets, hire a sitter for them while you will be moving.
  22. Choose a specific color for each room in your future home and label the doors with stickers. On each box, stick a correspondingly colored label telling what it contains and what room you are going to place it in.
  23. Enlist your baggage – give each container a number and write down what is inside. So you will get a detailed list to take with you and make sure nothing is lost or forgotten.
  24. On your arrival, unpack everything by room to keep your baggage in order.