LRS 071: Life Lessons from Derek Sivers

Life Lessons from Derek Sivers - the let's reach success podcast

Today on the LRS podcast I’ll talk about one interesting individual, whose way of thinking is like no other – Derek Sivers.

I recently bought The Tools of Titans at an airport. It’s Tim Ferriss’ recent book, which I knew I’d get eventually. It’s around 650 pages, and might be considered one of the ultimate resources on the routines, beliefs and life lessons of successful people from all fields.

As you probably know, I’m a big fan of Tim and his work. And one of the things he’s dedicated his life to is exploring how high achievers think, distilling the steps they took, the mistakes they made when starting out, the strategies they used to build skills faster, etc.

I’m quite interested in that and although you can find a lot of the information throughout his blog posts or in some of the 234 of his podcast (it would be a tedious task to go gather some success tips from people on the podcast now as many of them last longer than 2 hours and each sentence can be a realization you come to or a life hack you’ve never thought of trying).

So, I won’t really be reading Tools of Titans, but going back to it every now and then to check out a chapter, then think about what I’ve just read and how I can implement it into my current projects.

The first thing I looked for in the table of contents, was Derek Sivers’ chapter. I went straight to it, right there while still at the airport, and finished it while forgetting about everything around me.

So, in this episode, I wanna bring to your attention the interesting concepts and values this guy has, each of which is a valuable life lesson we can take with us.


Show Notes:

  • A new book I got and the first chapter I headed to when I opened it [0:24]
  • How Derek learned 2 years of Music College in 4 lessons [3:23]
  • The bike ride that changed Derek’s life [5:47]
  • What inspired him to overcome his creative struggle [7:59]


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