LRS 054: Life Lessons from Mark Manson on How to Care Less and Live More

Life Lessons from Mark Manson on How to Care Less and Live More - The Let's Reach Success podcast

One of the main problems we all have, that leads to not reaching goals, being negative and disappointed, and ruining relationships, is that we care too much.

We take everything personally, and even though it’s never really about us, we make it so. We live in an illusion, full of great expectations, going back to the past, and constantly thinking about the future as if it’s more important than the present.

We also lie to ourselves quite a lot, blame others instead of taking responsibility, and ultimately complicate our whole lives, and become unhappy, even though we seem to have everything we need.

With a big part of my posts here on the blog I aim to uncover some universal truths, no matter how harsh they sound, to share some important conclusions we should all come to, to remind people of how simpler everything in life actually is, and to encourage opening our eyes for what’s really happening.

And while my attempts serve me well, as writing itself is therapeutic and is what I love doing, I’m in no way teaching people how to live, or saying I’m knowledgeable.

One person I follow online though is pretty good at this. That’s Mark Manson, and you may have seen me mention him often and link to his terrific articles.

In this episode of the Let’s Reach Success podcast, I’ll share some life lessons extracted from his blog posts.

Show Notes:

  • Who is Mark Manson [2:35]
  • What’s the Feedback Loop from Hell and why not giving a fuck can save the world [3:26]
  • The counterintuitive solution to being happy [6:25]
  • What to do about our tendency to take things too personally [9:05]


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