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This is a guest post by Veronica of BrainBoxol.

When we hear the word “work”, the scenario we immediately see in our head is of us working a desk job from 9 to 5. We are wearing corporate attire that can be downright unbearable in some days, making small talk over by the water cooler. And having this exact same scenario play over and over until we’re 60 and due for retirement.

Of course, there are promotions along the way. Or you might transfer departments, job, or careers, but it’s still the same old grind.

This can get old pretty quickly.

The daily grind takes up a great chunk of our lives.

Which means there’s less time for personal growth and activities outside of your professional life. This constant, life-consuming exposure can burn you out not only on the career path that you were once passionate about, but with the rest of your life in general.

Freelancing as The Escape from The 9 to 5

For many who have gone through the exact same thing, freelancing became their escape from the mundane world of a 9 to 5 job. It led to a more flexible field that doesn’t compromise their work-life balance and still aligns with their passions.

It is also becoming a preferred choice among students who are looking to jumpstart their path to their desired career. They want to gain ‘real-world’ experience from business around the world, and earn a lucrative paycheck. That while also having time for their studies and extra-curricular activities in the mix.

Freelancing, however, doesn’t mean you’re working for free.

Freelancing just means that you’re free from the usual 9 to 5 grind. Free to choose your schedule, free to choose the job or clients you take, and free to work anywhere and everywhere.

This is one of the best advantages of freelancing – you’re your own boss, and your work is suited to your lifestyle.

So, if you’re someone who takes impromptu trips to different countries, someone who only becomes productive at a certain time of the day, or someone who’s juggling so many things in life, you can tailor-fit your working hours to your benefit.

As you figured out, this change in the pace of one of the major aspects of your life can bring about some big changes on yourself. In addition, the other factors that are influenced by the time that you normally would’ve spent working in a job with a tedious and mundane schedule will be affected.

When done right, freelancing allows you to improve the quality of your life in a number of ways. Leading to better growth and development for you and your life!

With freelancing comes some lifestyle changes that you should be aware of and be prepared for.

Here are the key takeaways on this infographic about the life of a freelancer:

  1. Enjoyable and Satisfying Work
  2. Travel at Your Own Convenience
  3. Plan Your Day Independently
  4. Lucrative Earnings
  5. Time for Your Own Life
  6. Support Your Family
  7. Flexibility to Work Anywhere

Learn more about these lifestyle changes with this infographic by BrainBoxol.

life of freelancers

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Every single blog owner out there has to understand how important it is to use really good, high quality, branded images. They are needed for much more than just the branding elements. You need to be sure that every single image used is of a high-quality standard since this reflects on the entire business.

Unfortunately, most people do not know much about how to create stunning images for blog posts and small businesses do not have the necessary resources to hire an experienced designer.

Fortunately, there are always various things that can be done and that you can take full advantage of. Also, different changes can always make a difference. Here is what you should always think about.

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Way too many think about the standard software that everyone talks about. If you are too conduct a better research you quickly realize that there are countless programs that can be used for photo editing purposes. For instance, Movavi Photo Editor For Mac is one that offers all the editing you need at around just 10% of the price of the top design programs of the moment. That is because you just get the main features needed.

For a blog, you do not need the same degree of editing as with a billboard so always look for cheaper options that can deliver exactly what you need.

Use Free Vectors and Images

Stock images do not have to cost you a fortune. In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of free images and vector graphics that can be used in your projects.

Instead of always looking to buy content that would be used as visual elements on the blog, free options can deliver what you want since you can use the software mentioned above to modify them. You are legally allowed to use them so why not try it?

Invest in a Quality Camera

Every single blog owner, whether a personal blog or a business blog, should have a good camera. Taking your own pictures is one of the easiest ways possible to save a lot of money on the long run and have stunning graphics. You only pay once for the gadgets you use.