Live Chat Grows In Popularity

Live Chat Grows In Popularity -

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When you spend time ordering goods on the Internet, you will notice that one of the calling cards for big box retailers is providing discounts in the form of rewards or just money saved in order to entice shoppers to order from their site. You will also see that the majority of ecommerce websites have implemented live chat on their store pages so that you can get instant and thoughtful service when ever you need it.

Here are some ways that live chat can help your ecommerce site forge ahead when it comes to sales and service:

Traditional Product Information Support:

It sounds straight-forward, but it can end up being costly to try and coordinate both the labor necessary to provide round-the-clock coverage as well maintain the software that your store is using.

For companies that would like to save time and money, there are several companies that offer ala carte or combined services for your ecommerce site. offers live chat services to both business and private customers. One way that they differentiate themselves for their competitors is that they offer software and an expert staff that is completely trained on your product line for a very reasonable price.

Cross-selling and Upgrading:

When you visit a website in order to look at products, you don’t always find exactly what you are looking for. Interacting with someone who knows all of the product options that are available can help you move forward with your purchase.

After a few ground-breaking studies a few years ago, it became generally accepted that the addition of live chat can help websites increase their conversion rate for online sales.

The question that remained was ‘how do you optimize your sales using live chat? For those that would like the answer to that question, talking to vendors of live chat like can help put some perspective on how to quantify or measure the efforts of the teams that you put into place for on your behalf.

There are techniques that can increase sales, like contacting customers that have just had a transaction fail on your ecommerce site immediately via live chat. When you do so, you normally convert sales for people who entered the wrong card number or got confused somewhere in the transaction.

In most cases, however, the capabilities of the vendor that you select are going to be a key factor in your success. If they can mold their support team to match your needs and entice them to perform, you should see revenue increase.

Implementing Promotions:

Many years ago, direct marketing really had no live element like live chat.

Using live chat, it is possible to have a team of people work with customers and an incentive program that is tailored to the products that they seem to be showing an interest in. Offering a special discounts can also be automated, with the live support team backing the initial offer

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