LRS 061: Living Like a Millionaire 101

Living Like a Millionaire 101- the let's reach success podcast, lidiya k

This is episode 61 of the LRS podcast, and the topic today is something I’ve realized a long time ago – that you don’t need to actually have a million dollars to live like a millionaire. It’s all in the mindset, spending and earning habits, your environment, how you structure your day, and more.

I’m dedicating today’s show to the art of thinking like millionaires do, and having their freedom, independence and enjoyable lifestyle as a result.

It still amazes me how many people think that money is the secret to success, and focus solely on it. When all the money in the world won’t give you your time back if you don’t reclaim it, and all the material stuff won’t make you like your daily life any more.

You’ll now hear me talk about 10 things you should work on and change about your current way of living and thinking, in order to develop the so-called millionaire mindset and transform your destiny.

Consider it a beginner’s guide to living like a millionaire.


Show Notes:

  • The 5 simple financial rules you need to know for a start [2:16]
  • Questions to ask yourself to manage your time better [3:20]
  • 6 steps to building an online business quickly [4:24]
  • The main difference between entrepreneurs and everyone else [7:10]
  • What makes numbers so important and how to use them to your advantage [9:02]
  • How to imitate the mindset of an investor and how this will help you [10:32]
  • What’s passive income and what are the 2 best ways to earn it [12:09]
  • How to always be on the grow, like millionaires [13:19]


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Living like a millionaire will only be possible if you become a lifelong learner and consider each failure a stepping stone to success.

Keep reading books, exploring new industries, talking to all kinds of people and getting 1% better daily. Never lose momentum and hope. Persevere and know that it’s more work and dedication that are the reasons you haven’t achieved your goals yet.

So all that, combined, is how you can live the life of a millionaire. It’s a fantastic journey if you accept it as such and find ways to enjoy the ride.

Think like a millionaire, and you’ll live like one!

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