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The number of couples where the partners have to live far away from each other is staggering.

The reasons for that can be different. For example, going to a college or getting a new job in another city or country.

There is also a separate type of long-distance relationships – the one between two people from different countries who met on a dating site. In any case, a long-distance relationship is a real test for partners’ feelings.

Can the geographically challenged couples keep love and romance alive? Naturally, remote relationships are more complicated than regular ones and they require more efforts from each partner.

Here are some tips for those partners who are separated by miles.

Fight jealousy

The downsides of long-distance relationships are obvious.

Partners miss each other and frequently feel sad and down in the dumps. Living apart, couples may face another challenge – jealousy.

Even if partners trust each other, it can be hard for them to be totally certain about their faithfulness. Since they spend very little time together, there is always the fear they will drift apart and their relationship will fade away.

Look on the bright side

Despite its pitfalls, a long-distance relationship can have its advantages.

Those couples in which the partners rarely see each other manage to keep that passion and freshness of feeling alive.

They treasure the moments spent together and try to make them romantic and diverse, unlike partners who live under the same roof.

Also, it can be easier for people involved in a long-term relationship to keep their individuality. They stay independent; they don’t have to sacrifice their interests, and they get more opportunities to fulfill themselves in life.

This is what those people who have been in a long-term non-distant relationship often lack and feel bound and dependent.

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Communicate extensively

Even if partners are a hundred miles away from each other, they should get in touch on a daily basis. Their communication shouldn’t be limited only to evening reports.

It’s important for them to feel the presence of the other partner throughout the day.

The technology makes it possible: phones, email, social media, Skype. By sending sweet messages every morning and every night, sharing some funny pictures during lunch, and texting when on public transport, they will give each other the feeling that they are near.

Do things together

Although being in a long-distance relationship means being more independent, partners should do their best to cherish their “we”. In order to feel that they are a couple, they should devise certain regular rituals.

They can be either romantic or silly but they will remind them about their unity.

For example, living in different cities, partners can get connected via Skype and start cooking dinner in front of the cameras.

When he and she finish all the preparations, they can sit in front of their webcams and eat the food they prepared, have a glass of wine, and talk like they are on a real date.

Discuss everything

Some people decide not to tell their partners about their problems because they don’t want to disappoint them.

Irrespective of whether this a long-distance relationship or a regular one, partners should share their thoughts and worries with each other. That support they will get from their significant other is priceless.

If a woman or man wants to make something clear, they shouldn’t hold back from asking their partner about it. There should be no vagueness in their relationship because it is uncertainty that ruins trust and kills long-distance love.

Also, partners should talk about their future where they finally live under the same roof.