Longevity Diet: The Secrets Behind Japan’s High Life Expectancy

Longevity Diet: The Secrets Behind Japan's High Life Expectancy - letsreachsuccess.com

This is a guest post by Karen from JapaneseUp.

If you are reading this blog, you are probably into self improvement and you strive to be more successful in life every single day.

Part of your ideal lifestyle would likely include living hale and hearty up to a ripe old age. Who wouldn’t want disease-free golden years?

Japan Ranks Number 2 Globally in Life Expectancy

But, what is the secret to longevity and how can you achieve that?

For the key to longevity, let’s take a look at how the Japanese, who are well-known for their long life expectancy, do it.

First, some background information. Did you know that the Japanese have the second highest life expectancy in the world?

Their average life expectancy is 85 years, based on data from CIA and Infoplease. Want to know how the Japanese do it? Read on to find out!

How Health Conscious Are You?

What if I tell you that one’s health consciousness has a lot to do with one’s longevity?

The Japanese people, for one, have a relatively high level of health consciousness compared to other countries. This is thanks to the Japanese government’s focus on preventive health care and issuance of dietary advice to its citizens.

Health insurance is compulsory for residents of Japan by law. And the Japanese people have been enjoying universal health care since 1961.

There are regular checkups and mass screenings for everyone at school and at work. What if you are neither a student nor an employee? Don’t worry, you won’t fall through the cracks.

The government also conducts checkups and screenings in the local community.

On top of this, volunteers also conduct home visits, host seminars, run clinics and organize cooking demonstrations at supermarkets, shopping malls and community centers.

All these serve as constant reminders to the Japanese to keep themselves healthy and contribute to their high level of health consciousness.

You can take a leaf from their book by signing up for yearly routine health checkups and screenings. For the super motivated, you might even want to engage a nutritionist to give you dietary advice.

Follow the Japanese’s longevity diet and lifestyle habits and you can live a long and healthy life like them too.

A Case Study of Okinawa, the Land of Centenarians

Next, let’s take a look at Okinawa, the land of centenarians (people who live to or beyond the age of 100 years).

To those who are unfamiliar with Japan’s geography, Okinawa is Japan’s southernmost prefecture. It comprises of 150 islands in a 1000 km chain.

The prefecture boasts 68 centenarians out of every 100,000 residents and is synonymous with longevity. Doctors even created the popular Okinawa diet based on what these centenarians eat.

The centenarians’ diet consists of taurine-rich foods like fish, squid and octopus, fucoidans-rich foods like seaweed and konbu, and flavonoid-rich food like tof

Thanks to this diet, the Okinawa people have low long term risk of arteriosclerosis, stomach cancer and hormone-dependent cancer such as breast and prostate cancer.

Want to find out more about the Japanese’s secrets of longevity and the longevity diet they eat? Check out the following infographic by JapaneseUp:

Longevity Diet: The Secrets Behind the Japanese’s Longevity | JapaneseUp

Now that you know why the Japanese live longer than anyone else, are you willing to give the longevity diet a try?






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