LRS 063: For The Love of Lifestyle Design

For The Love of Lifestyle Design - the let's reach success podcast - lidiya k

Today on the Let’s Reach Success Podcast I’m covering lifestyle design, one of my most favorite concepts, mindsets, philosophies, ways of living, or whatever it is that you wish to call it.

Years ago I was reading about this and how lifestyle designers were creating businesses to live a life on their own terms, how their work was meaningful. They had reclaimed their time and were doing exactly what they wanted to with it.

Back then it was something I wouldn’t even allow myself to dream about having. That’s how much of a beginner I was in personal development. Because insecurities, fear of failure and not aiming higher, are obstacles on the way to actually getting where you want to in life.

But it all starts with reading about the life you want to lead some time from now.

That’s when you realize it’s possible, read the stories of those who started from nothing but are living the ideal lifestyle now, and even learn a few tricks and start making some plans on how to do that yourself.

For me, it was people like Tim Ferriss, Tynan, Mark Manson, Dan and Ian from the TropicalMBA, and many more.

I’m truly grateful that they decided to share their journey, the mistakes they made, the lessons learned, the businesses created. Each detail was crucial, although all these people were doing it their way.

That’s why I constantly mention them throughout my blog posts. I love linking to their articles, resources, homepages, podcasts and products as these are exactly the things that encouraged me to stop making excuses and focus on making things happen in my life.

First, however, if you’re new to this, you should know what lifestyle design really is.

So, let’s get to the point of this episode and talk about the art of designing your ideal lifestyle.

Show Notes:

  • The difference between conventional wisdom and lifestyle design [2:17]
  • The first thing to do in order to start building the dream life [4:40]
  • A few other things lifestyle designers can’t go without [5:12]
  • One thought that should excite you [6:49]


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What’s your definition of lifestyle design? How do you define the dream life, job, day, etc?

And what do you need to do, and get rid of, to get there soon enough?

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