LRS 057: How to Start Loving Yourself Again

How to Start Loving Yourself Again - the let's reach success podcast

Welcome to episode 57 of the LRS podcast. For one of the last episodes of the year, I decided to focus on a topic we can all benefit from – self-love.

Are you satisfied with who you are and how your life looks like? Do you wake up with a smile ready to kickstart the day? Do you remind yourself of your successes, do things you enjoy and set and go after big goals? What about making compliments to yourself, being grateful for all you have and believing you can achieve much more?

Unfortunately, most people’s answer to these questions is negative.

Too many of us have lost the connection with our true self. We’re full of fears, doubts and regrets. We expect too much from ourselves and are always disappointed. We listen to others and try to live by their standards. We live in the past or fear what might happen in the future and that doesn’t let us enjoy what is now.

All that makes us miserable. And somewhere on the journey, we’ve lost ourselves.

You have all it takes to succeed in life, to be your best self and to hack confidence and determination. You just need encouragement and the right steps to do it.

I’ve included anything you need on your journey to loving yourself again in this inspirational guide, and on today’s episode of the show, I’ll share a small part of it.


Show Notes:

  • The 2 ways to live life [2:30]
  • A mindfulness exercise [4:15]
  • A few conclusions to come to in order to refind yourself [5:11]
  • A reminder for the potential within you [7:02]


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What’s your relationship with yourself? Do you have any rituals to let go of worries and calm down? How do you show yourself that you’re grateful and positive?

Meanwhile, I hope you’re evaluating your 2016 and reviewing it, while getting excited about the new year.

The next episode will also be the last one for this year, so I’ll dedicate it to the end of the year, and the beginning of the new one.

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