Moving is always something no one looks forward to doing. It takes planning, a lot of work and packing everything up to turn around and unpack somewhere else. Let’s discover some helpful tips:

Pack An Overnight Bag.

You should prepare an overnight bag that will stay with you while the movers are trucking the rest of your stuff across town.

When you get to your new home, you will probably not be in the mood or too tired to start opening up boxes and organizing.

Your overnight bag should have all your essentials, toiletries, and a change of clothing if you are going to work in the morning. If you have items like your laptop, keep them with you instead of risking damage during the move.

Pack Items You Will Need First In A Clear Container.

Scissors, paper towels, trash bag, a box cutter, utensils, cookware, etc. If you have them in a clear container, you will be able to pick them out from the crowd of other boxes quickly.

Wrapping Breakables.

Use your clothing to wrap breakables such as glasses, dishes, etc. You will save on bubble wrap and let’s face it, you’ve got to pack your clothes anyway!

Also, use extra padded boxes for your breakables; that’s what they are constructed for and will add an extra layer of protection.

Mark Your Boxes Clearly.

Once you’ve boxed up items and sealed the box, take a marker and clearly state what’s in the box. Mark the boxes on the sides, top and bottom.

Example: Stuff From Desk

If your moving service will deliver boxes to certain rooms, mark the room on the box. Not all movers will do this, so check ahead of time.

Any items that could spill, remove the covers and place plastic wrap over the openings and then put the covers back on. There is nothing worse than opening a box and finding all your cosmetics or toiletries heaped together on the bottom of the box.

Visit Your Local Liquor Store For Boxes.

These boxes are extremely sturdy and will save you money on purchasing the higher-end boxes from your movers. Books are heavy, if packed in these boxes you can pretty much be sure the bottoms won’t fall out.

Hampers & Baskets.

Any items you have that can hold items should be utilized. Again, it will save money on purchasing boxes and they are going with you anyway.

When packing electronics, make sure the cables and connectors are placed with the right electronic so you are not scrambling around trying to find a match for your television.

Friends Who Help Out.

If you have items you were going to donate or sell, offer them to your friends first. It’s a nice way of saying thanks for your help.

Hiring A Moving Company.

If you will be hiring professional movers, do your homework well in advance. Compare rates and their insurance policies.

If something is broken due to a movers mistake, you will be reimbursed but if something broke because you packed it poorly you’re on your own.

Read over everything including the fine print to make sure there are no hidden policies that would leave you out on a limb should something happen to your stuff.

Before The Movers Arrive.

If you can, clean up any room that might need it, hang your shower curtains, stock your bathroom, hang window curtains so you will have some privacy if your move finishes after dark.