Analogue Updates: 6 Ways to Make Your Office More User-Friendly

Analogue Updates: 6 Ways to Make Your Office More User-Friendly

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The office is the space where the magic happens.

It’s where the work occurs, and the money is made. It logically follows that your office needs to be a space where people can work safely, comfortably and easily.

Despite this obvious logic, many offices aren’t that user-friendly. Uncomfortable, beaten up chairs create strain on backs. Flickering monitors that are positioned too high or low and hurt eyeballs. Desks that are too high or low mean your staff have to stretch to work.

While it may sound like a big undertaking, a user-friendly office isn’t that difficult to create.

Let’s take a look at six ways that you can streamline your office into the productive machine that it should be.

Laptop Mounts

How many staff do you have who use a laptop?

How many of them use these small-screened computers at a desk? This is unhealthy for you, and can lead to significantly lower productivity as a result.

Hunching over a laptop, pecking out work on those tiny keyboards, squinting to see the screen – all are bad news.

One simple way to overcome this issue is to invest in laptop mounts for your staff using laptop computers. A nifty company named Colebrook Bosson Saunders craft high-quality laptop mounts and other ergonomic office adjustments.

This is an update that is in your best interests, considering the cost of workplace injuries.

Multiple Monitor Mounts

This is an update for those using good old fashioned PCs.

Using a single monitor can be frustrating, and more importantly for your business – a time and money sink. All those seconds staff spend minimising windows to respond to an email, then opening an app only to close it a second later to attend to a notification. Now imagine if that time was cut in half, and the savings that come from that. That’s where multiple monitor mounts come into the equation, allowing your team to drastically reduce the time they spend clicking and minimising.

Brainstorming Nooks

Pressed for space? Need somewhere to collaborate, brainstorm and innovate?

Sometimes finding a suitable environment to get together can be tricky.

It might be worth calling in the renovators to carve out some nooks from the existing architecture. That way, your staff can pop into a little space for a brainstorm and come up with those great ideas that make you money.

If you’re grimacing at the thought of renovations and the associated costs, think about converting some existing spaces into such an area.

Quiet Rooms

Sometimes your staff need to take private calls, or have a quick, private chat with a colleague.

Maybe there’s a HR issue that can’t be discussed in public, or a manager needs to have a performance oriented chat with someone. Why not designate a couple of “quiet rooms” for these purposes? That way, staff can duck in to take a private call or have a quick debrief without worrying about all those open ears.

Again, if you don’t want to spring for these to be built new, repurpose some existing rooms for this.

Standing Desks

Sedentary lifestyles are no good, and sitting may be slowly killing your staff.

Especially if they’re sitting down on the train or drive to work, sitting down all day at their desks, getting home the same way and then plonking on the couch to watch Netflix. While you can’t control how they commute or what they do at home, you can invest in some standing desks and create an energising and productive environment for work.

Ergonomic Chairs 

If people must sit, ensure they do it in comfort and style by investing in some comfortable and ergonomic office chairs.

Summing Up

Not all office updates need to be sleek and fancy new tech.

A standing desk, laptop mount, comfortable chairs and some new office spaces may be all that you need for a more user-friendly office.

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