The Challenges on The Way to Making $2,000 from a Blog [Interview for Failory]

The Challenges on The Way to Making $2,000 from a Blog [Interview for Failory]

This is the second biggest interview I’m giving. I share more about the other one here.

This one is for, a platform sharing the stories of failed startups or bloggers who had challenges in the beginning. Which, of course, is everyone who ever tried to start a website. Mistakes really are the best way to see what works and do more of it.

The funny thing is that the guy behind this site found me thanks to the previous interview, once it was published. Which shows how important it is to put your name out there. I might be in the personal development niche but I can now share a lot about online business and running a blog.

Check out the interview for Failory here.

What I Talk About in The Interview

This time I shared my story in 3K words. Here are the things I covered:

– how I started the site although I knew nothing about blogging in the beginning;
– how I do SEO as a non-marketer (plus an exact strategy I used to rank a post recently);
– the biggest challenges and obstacles I faced and what I did about each;
– my greatest disadvantages;
– 2 big mistakes I did when starting Let’s Reach Success;
– what I was reading throughout my journey to stay inspired.

We should all talk about our mistakes more!

Mistakes are necessary if you’re trying to build something out of nothing, as is usually the case with online business. It’s great to test things and fail (not too big though), then get back on your feet and never try the same thing again. Which leaves you with fewer options, one of which might be a game-changer for you :)

Check out my interview for where I talk about the challenges when starting a website and how I got Let's Reach Success to make more than $2000/month.

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