LRS 040: Managing a Heavy Workload and Increasing Productivity in the Workplace

Managing a Heavy Workload and Increasing Productivity in the Workplace - The Let's Reach Success Podcast

I’m back with another episode of the Let’s Reach Success podcast. Today we’ll discuss productivity again, and in particular – how to manage a heavy workload.

There are often times when we just have too much to do, and we want to get it all done. But our mind and body have limits and we lack the energy, focus and desire.

So, what should we do to be efficient all the time, to never get overwhelmed and be healthy, concentrated and motivated to give it 100% every time?

Check out today’s episode to learn that.

Show Notes:

  • Strategies for better workload management [1:34]
  • How lack of a good rest affects productivity negatively [3:25]
  • Why you should work on one thing at a time [6:12]
  • Time management: where to start [7:19]
  • What changes to make in your environment to boost your performance and deal with a heavy workload [8:26]


Action Steps on Managing a Heavy Workload:

  1. Don’t strive for perfection, just get to work on your first task.
  2. 80/20 your to-do list and stop doing anything that’s not essential and doesn’t give you the desired results.
  3. Delegate some of the work to other people.
  4. Prepare for interruptions in advance.
  5. Rest properly.
  6. Take every big project, break it down into smaller tasks and begin with the first.
  7. Track everything you do to know how you spend your time.
  8. Try some productivity tools.
  9. Work on one thing at a time.
  10. Wake up earlier and have a powerful morning routine.
  11. Put your most important tasks on top of your list.
  12. If a task takes 5 minutes or less, do it right away.
  13. Organize your desk.
  14. Constantly read new things about your industry and engage in conversations with influencers.

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What about you? How do you manage heavy workload?

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