Better Manufacturing: How to Deal with Incorrect Part Numbers 53

Better Manufacturing: How to Deal with Incorrect Part Numbers

The following article is a guest post.

Manufacturer part numbers can be very hard and time-consuming to decode. In some cases, decoding them may lead to generating many errors.

Decoding and making sure you do not have any incorrect part numbers does not have to be a painful task anymore.

Decoding manufacturer part numbers can be very problematic as it thorough scan through the entire datasheet, then to the datasheet and lastly to the coding key of the part number.

For some parts, this exercise can be very hectic and confusing because you have to take into consideration case size to pin pitch, the finishing of the plating, dimensions of the heights and many more factors.

Ciiva has however made this problem go away. Now all you need to do is ascertain the manufacturer’s part number you need and add it to the library definition.

When you enter the first letters or numbers of the part number in the search bar, a suggestion appears. Click on the parameter you need, then configure the product to suit what you are looking for.

Another way to do it is by entering in the search bar, the part number you need. Enter every parameter one at a time and wait until all the errors are visible.

Click on the part number you have chosen and complete the configuration of the product to suit your needs. Pay a lot of attention during configuration,

On completion of the configuration, you will get the correct part number and can go ahead and call the manufacturer to order your product.

By following all the above steps, you will avoid annoying calls from manufacturers telling you they cannot find the part you specifically asked for.

The part could be there but your specifications may not go well with what they have. You have to be very particular and specific on the actual part number in order to get the actual part and keep your manufacturing business running.

Factors that may lead to having incorrect part numbers

Mixing up of letters or numbers.

You may have everything correct with the design but you somehow do not get the actual part that will fit well with the place you want it to go. Mixing up letters and numbers may lead to this.

Unavailability of the correct product.

This may happen when you have the correct number of the part you requested but forgot to check the availability of the product. Therefore, you go ahead and place your order and the manufacturer not willing to annoy you, gives you a build to order part.

This may usually be remains from an earlier larger order from a different customer.

Numbers or letters missing from the part number.

If you miss just one letter or number from the initial part number, you will definitely get the wrong part. There should be thorough scrutiny of numbers and letters before ordering.

There is also a likelihood of only the core part of the product part number to be present. The numbers missing are very critical for the part number to qualify as complete.

In cases like this, if you are lucky, the manufacturer or the person in charge of procurement will have to consult with the engineer in order to clarify the part number you required. This is not only time-wasting, but also it is also very annoying.

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5 Ways to Boost Your Business Revenue 43

5 Ways to Boost Your Business Revenue

Every business strives to increase their profit margin to run their operations, expand services and offer more to the customers. But this is easier said than done, especially in today’s environment where competition is stiff.

Businesses don’t foster if they don’t get enough sales and when there aren’t enough sales, the revenue is bound to decline. However, that’s not something which cannot be changed. It takes a few effective strategies and creativity to bring in more sales and boost your business revenue.

Here are 5 ways to boost your business’ revenue:

1. Invest in Online Marketing

A smart move to capture the audience and generate sales is to target people over the internet.

There are more than 3.2 million active users who use the internet, and the number is only growing with more and more people now having access to the web.

These people are your target audience and you only need to reach them to be able to give your business a boost. However, simply spending money to market a business won’t bear much fruit, marketing needs to be done in the right manner.

Social media is a savior that has been providing businesses with the countless advantages they’ve been dreaming about. The best thing about it is that there’s little to no investment when it comes to engaging with customers on social media.

As per statistics, it only takes 5 engagements and creative/informative posts on Twitter and Facebook to do the magic and attract users to your business.

Social media can help bring audience to you, but then it’s up to your services and products to convert them into successful sales and earn good revenue.

2. Automate Processes Where Possible

What is Benchmarking Analysis and How Can It Benefit Your Business

How you manage your business gets to play a very important role in how much money you make or how much money you save.

For example, a business having a manual system of taking orders, keeping track of sales information and maintaining inventory will face time-related issues and increased costs. This can be solved by automating business processes where applicable.

A lot of businesses prefer to use an inventory management software to automate processes. Such tools help to reduce overhead costs, speed up processes, decrease complexity and in the end, increase revenue by speeding up the overall flow of the business.

3. Listen to The Customers

Increasing business revenue requires to look into a lot of things but most importantly, it requires to make the customers content with your products/services.

A lot of businesses make the mistake of not delivering what the buyers need. Hence, they keep on losing customership, get lesser sales and the revenue keeps on dropping.

Nokia is a good example of this. The company did not change with changing times and today is at the bottom.

If you’re a small business looking for ways to grow then it is time to add new products to your arsenal. You can engage with customers by creating polls on your social media profiles and determine what they need.

Mature businesses should also engage with customers to determine if the products they’re offering are enough or do they need to replace a few old ones with new ones.

4. Target Custom Audience

One of the fastest ways to generate revenue is to talk to customers who are interested in your products. SEO can help you find such customers if you optimize the content for a relevant audience.

Hire SEO professionals to target a custom audience so that you can have increased sales and generate more revenue than before.

5. Offer Discounts

There is a large number of people who look for discounts on various products and services.

In fact, about 20% people agree that there is a high chance of them buying a product – even if they do not need it – if the product is offered at discounted rates.