4 Of The Best Things To Do in Marrakech, Morocco 32

4 Of The Best Things To Do in Marrakech, Morocco

This is a guest post by Kolin Don, a writer and a fan of Top Travel Games book.

Are you heading to Morocco soon for a business meeting or for a vacation? Well, if yes, you need to enjoy the great facilities in Marrakech.

Do not just visit Marrakech for a business meeting and fail to explore the best things to do there. This place is full of activities that will make you miss to come back again once you leave.

Below is an ultimate checklist for interesting things you need to do while in Marrakech, Morocco. Follow these insider tips for world – class casinos, fascinating crafts, luxury living and stunning mosques.

1. Get into garden living.

In Africa, you might come to visit at a time the sun is overhead the equator. At this particular time, you need to seek respite outside the Medina. This is a glamorous and equally famous and green garden at La Mamounia.

These are gardens that were established during the 18th century on a land that Crown Prince Moulay Mamoun was given by his father, the sultan as a gift during his wedding. The gardens are famous all over the world as they are designed in a traditional manner. It is located on an axis where there are walkways, orange groves, olive trees and flower beds. There are poolside restaurants that are located in this place for non-residents to visit and relax.

You can also take ice cream pavilion in the garden or overlooking the gardens at the back terrace. This is one of the places that you can visit when you come to Marrakech.

2. Take a breath in Marrakech’s pungent tanneries.

If you have always wanted to visit Marrakech and experience it at its most pungent and medieval, then you should ensure that you pay a visit to the tannery district.

Since the city was founded, the tanneries have long existed and what was done with them still remains a process that is pre-industrial.

This is because hundreds of vats were used and they were full of foul liquids to take care of animal hides. It is a great place to visit during your stay here at Marrakech.

3. Le Grand Casino la Mamounia Marrakech & Hotel.

If you have not visited the Le Grand Casino la Mamounia Marrakech & Hotel in Morocco, then you are yet to experience the services of one of the most stylish restaurants all over Africa.

The reason why it is popularly known is because they offer a vast variety of services. It is one of the hotels that is known for the best casinos all over the world.

In the year 2010 and 2011, this hotel topped the list as the best international hotel with quality services. This is why you should you should ensure that you at least experience the services of this great hotel while in Marrakech.

4. Circle the Koutoubia Mosque.

One of the famous symbols in this area of Morocco is the Minaret of Koutoubia Mosque. It has been designed in a traditional Almohad design and has four copper globes at the top.

From near and far, anyone can see the mosque even those that are short sighted. This is not because the mosque is tall enough to be seen from far, but because the local ordinance does not allow tall buildings in Medina (no building should be taller than a palm tree) and topography of the local area also allows the mosque to tower high than any other building in the area.

Non-Muslim visitors may not be allowed in, but they can surely go around it having a clear exterior view of the gorgeous structure. This is still an active area for worshiping.

These are some the best things to do Marrakech. Plan a vacation to this pace and experience many more wonders and beautiful features and sceneries of this area. If you are about to come here for a seminar or educational trip, make sure you visit some or two of these sites.

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