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An online MBA in healthcare management can help you achieve your career goals if you work as a healthcare professional. Learn more about this degree option and how it can make you stand out.

An MBA can strengthen your resume and add flexibility to your job choices. A specialized healthcare management MBA online program can give you unique insights into the industry’s business structures, policies, and regulations.


Whether you wish to further your career in healthcare or shift into the business of medicine, an MBA in healthcare management will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to achieve your professional objectives.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates a 32% rise in medical and health services management employment over the next ten years, making this a feasible and rewarding career option.

Many online MBA programs offer flexible schedules to accommodate the busy lives of working professionals. Students can take courses in quick, five-week sessions and often complete their program in as few as two years.

Like any graduate degree program, a master’s in healthcare management requires the completion of a rigorous curriculum, including standard business courses and coursework related to the healthcare industry.

Applicants should be prepared to demonstrate their leadership and problem-solving abilities in the college essay. Putting these skills to work outside of the workplace in your community or through volunteerism can help strengthen your application.

Job Opportunities

Online MBA programs in healthcare management prepare students for various administrative roles within the industry.

With healthcare organizations in every city across the United States and the growing consolidation of the industry creating sprawling nationwide managed care networks, opportunities are plentiful for qualified candidates.

In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment for medical and health services managers is expected to grow much faster than average: 32% over ten years.

This is partly due to the increased demand for credentialed leaders who can guide the growth and direction of the industry, especially as new regulations and standards are implemented.

Whether you work for a hospital, medical office, long-term care facility, or physician group, an MBA in healthcare management will help you advance your career and increase your chances of advancement and leadership opportunities.

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Personal Development

A master’s degree in business administration is among the most sought-after graduate credentials. Adding healthcare management to your MBA can prepare you for one of the fastest-growing industries and offer opportunities for advancement that are uniquely rewarding.

Whether you are interested in the financial side of healthcare operations or the more clinical aspects, an online MBA focusing on healthcare management can equip you to understand the unique business structures, payment systems, policies, and regulations that make up the healthcare field.

As a result, you can help your organization navigate the changing landscape and mitigate challenges in times of crisis.

Career Advancement

For many, the goal of an MBA is to move into a leadership position within their field. Those looking to take on greater responsibility and earn a higher salary may benefit from choosing an online healthcare management program.

A healthcare management MBA prepares professionals to advance within the industry by equipping them with the tools to oversee strategic business processes that optimize healthcare efficiency. This approach enables graduates to lead the administrative side of healthcare facilities and systems without sacrificing patient care or quality.

An online healthcare management MBA teaches students to manage projects and operations in the context of the broader business landscape. The coursework includes traditional business classes and core MBA topics like strategy, financial analysis, and marketing.

This interdisciplinary perspective offers a more well-rounded educational experience that may help them stand out in the workforce, even in fields not directly related to healthcare. For example, a successful healthcare management MBA may help a professional advance into the pharmaceutical or insurance industries.