There’s a new trend in education and that is students going directly from their bachelor’s degree studies to their MBA program.

It used to be that a person would work several years prior to applying to study for their MBA, but not so much anymore.

Many young adults are enrolling directly into an MBA program upon completing their bachelor’s degrees, and there are many advantages to this approach.

Here are four of them for your consideration.

1. Already Used to Being a Full-Time Student.

One student who took this approach reported, in an April 17, 2017, U.S. News article, that she found tackling her MBA studies was easier because she was already used to be being a full-time student.

For some, getting back into the education swing of things is difficult after they have graduated college and begun their career.

If this sounds like you, you might want to consider continuing your education path through to its fruition rather than taking time from school to work. If you must work, however, UAB offers an online MBA program so you can study during your free time in the comfort of your own home.

2. Gives You the Satisfaction of Completing Your Education Goal.

Another excellent point brought up by Alissa Zito, one of the interviewees in the U.S. News article, is pursuing your MBA immediately gives you the satisfaction of earning your graduate degree right away.

You have a goal, and if you stay on track to earn that goal, you will feel more confident and proud as you enter the workforce.

If you ask people who did not finish their education prior to entering into their career, you will hear one resolute answer: “I regret it.” Once you get involved in your career, you lose focus on your education.

The consequence is losing sight of that master’s degree goal you had, and the years will have flown by before you know it.

3. Fast Tracks Your Career.

Another aspect to consider is how a master’s degree will fast track your career.

As you may have discovered if you are looking for employment currently, the job market out there is very competitive. Many businesses are even requiring their administrative assistants to hold a bachelor’s degree.

While this might seem a little much, the truth is you won’t become a manager of any significant business unless you earn your MBA, nor will you reap the benefits of holding that MBA. You have to have it to get into business management. If you go straight from your bachelor to your master’s degree, you stand a better change of management sooner.

4. Helps You Gain Practical Experience.

Finally, don’t assume that you won’t gain working experience by studying for your master’s degree right away. If you enroll in the right program, practical work experience will be part of the deal.

Some things to look for in the program’s curriculum include “consulting projects and opportunities to do field consultancies within the program,” says Dawn Edmiston in the U.S. News article.

You might also look for a program that offers job placement opportunities upon graduation to help you get your foot in a door. This two-pronged approach helps you learn in the classroom and on the job, which better prepares you for your future management position.

Working toward your master’s degree is a rewarding yet challenging process, but that’s the beauty of it. Imagine how you will feel when you complete your MBA program and receive your degree.

Remember how elated you were when you graduated with your bachelor’s degree? Multiply that elation by 100.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates management occupations to increase by 6 percent within the next eight years. Get on track to your success today.