Meeting & Events Trends for 2017 [Infographic]

Meeting & Events Trends for 2017 [Infographic]

The meeting and events sector is huge niche and has really grown fast in more recent years.

Why this is the case is uncertain but the emergence of a global audience who are content hungry is likely a factor. The advancement of technology and the Internet in general has also contributed.

Further to this, more and more people are working remotely or have varied working locations as opposed to all working from the one physical location. As a result, companies have the requirement to organize more meetings at several periods across the yearly calendar to gather employees together.

Being physically together in one room still has benefits to many companies and so these companies require large locations to facilitate all their employees at once. Of course, they are also likely to require up to date technology and resources at those locations which puts the onus on event planners and meeting organizers.

Conferences that focus on continued learning and advancement have become hugely popular all over the world in many niches.

The NRF, for example holds a huge event annually in New York and retailers from around the globe attend and share knowledge and of course suppliers get the opportunity to sell on their services.

Other niches such as the hotel industry hold trade shows all over the world in various locations like exhibition halls and event centers and these locations are under pressure to have the capabilities to hold large numbers.

This means there is huge pressure on facilities like WIFI technology and other telecommunications requirements and not forgetting requirements like hospitality to cater for the attendees’ food and drink needs. This requires huge amounts of planning and experience from event planners.

If a location doesn’t meet the requirements of the event or meeting, it is likely to cause major issues for the possibilities of the event being hosted at that location again.

Event planners depend on reliable elements like the obvious lighting, heating but things like unreliable WIFI can ruin an event for the organizers…and the attendees alike.

In today’s world, unless it’s a private meeting, attendees like to shout about their attendance on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook. They like to take selfies and post them to Instagram. They like to add Snapchat stories and include a geotag.

If the technology that they’re used to having on a day to day basis is unreliable or non-existent at an event, this is highly annoying and embarrassing for the event organizers.

In today’s world of the so-called “keyboard warrior”, attendees are likely to demonstrate their unhappiness and dissatisfaction on their social profiles (albeit at a later stage).

This infographic from the people at The Europe Hotel in Ireland details some interesting statistics about meetings and events attendees and it also highlights the emerging trends for this year and shows how they are likely to manifest themselves:

meetings and events trends 2017 infographic

What’s your vision for these trends in 2017?

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