Migrated To Australia As a Skilled Migrant: How To Make It A Success

Migrated To Australia As a Skilled Migrant: How To Make It A Success

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Australia has become one of the favourite destinations worldwide because of the thriving economy. But, due to the severe shortage of skilled professionals in various industries, the country is in dire need of immigrants from across the world to contribute to the booming economic growth.  So upon foreseeing your bright future in Australia you decided to apply to the skilled migrant program. You planned ahead in an organised manner, got a qualified migration agent – and managed to get the visa – well good on you, but whither are you bound now?

You need to land a successful job which is definitely not as easy as pie as there are greater differences between the rest of the world and Australia other than the change of hemispheres! From understanding the Australian football to securing a job in Australia, you will feel as if you have tumbled down a hill. The most crucial thing to understand to make you migration in Australia successful is to understand how Australian businesses are unique.

Devise an action plan to land a job in Australia – the lucky country

The dynamics of searching jobs in Australia are the same no matter which domain you belong to – just plan out your migration really well right from the application process till the time you get a wok visa and get a job.  Read on to discover ways to ease the cumbersome task of making your skilled migration successful.

Revamp your CV in the Australian way

Is there really any difference in an Australian CV and other resumes/CVs? Yes, CVs from other countries are poles apart from the Australian ones. Here the employers are more concerned about the skills you possess rather than your previous job positions, the name of your ex-company and your qualifications.

Look for state sponsored jobs

Do not just look ad newspaper advertisement or online job portals for getting a job in Australia. You might get a job in Australia even before you land! There are state sponsored programs as well as companies in your country who have offices in Australia – get a job there and you are good to go.

Work out a budget

Starting from the visa application fees and job hunting expenditure to the location you will be living in Australia – estimate a rough cost of all the expenses that might incur in the foreign land. Remember that your budget is deadline sensitive. Run out of time, you are also out of your budget.

Practice Typical Interview Questions

You may find a lot of online resources where there is a list of all the questions that the Australian employers ask. Incorporate the values of the company in your answers, align you objectives with the company goals and you are bound to ace the interview.

Networking is Crucial

Developing networks within your domain is just as difficult as it is crucial. Use your creative researching skills to find people from different organisations online on different websites. Hook on to your minds that networking is a two way communication channel and you will have to contribute too to gain information.

Focus on Key Companies

Not every job is meant for you – analyse your potential and target key companies. Aligning your skill set with the requirements of the vacancies is important for being successful in the job hunting process.

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