4 Reasons Why Millennials Keep Job Hopping

4 Reasons Why Millennials Keep Job Hopping

This is a guest post by Ann Mosley, a representative of TopResumesWriters. Thinking outside the box and finding creative solutions are the main features of her approach. Ann’s goal is to help job seekers find jobs that bring both wealth and satisfaction.

It’s a fact that nowadays job hopping is a common way of life.

The Jobvite study shows that more than 40% of the millennials change job every two-to-three years.

The tendency became the employers’ nightmare. There is a constant talking about the difficulties of work with the millennials. Exactly because of their job hopping.

Old generation’s complaints don’t make the situation easier.

But, maybe, it’s worth to get a new angle on. What if employers themselves create unsuitable conditions for the millennials?

Here are four of the most common chiefs’ wrong approaches.

1. They Don’t Feel Appreciated.

Youngsters thoroughly prepare for the landing a dream job, polish their applications with the help of top resume writing services and plan perfect job interviews.

First months they are glad to work for the dream company. Unexpectedly, they get frustrated and downed. It inevitably happens when employees are under appreciated.

Numerous studies have shown that only one-third of the people under 30 were confident in their performance.

The reason is an absence of feedback and appreciation. Thus, young specialists aren’t sure in their business worthiness and competence.

Such realization leads to disconnecting from the employer and community in general. It makes it much easier to say goodbye to the company in search of a better option.

Avoiding the situation doesn’t take too much. Showing the recognition to any employee is greatly important, especially to the millennials.

Simple meetings in private allow both sides to have a real and helpful conservation. They also demonstrate to millennials that their work doesn’t go unnoticed and they are worthy workers.

Remember, a little goes a long way.

2. Millennials Have a Huge Debt to Repay.

One thing that greatly characterizes millennials is the huge educational debt.

Surveys state that more than half of them are feeling under its hoof. They believe they will be repaying the bill until the late 40s. Thirty percent of them confessed they wouldn’t go to the college if they knew the actual cost.

Thus, college loans have a big impact on choosing a job. The one way to motivate the employer to stay longer is offering the repayment assistance.

It may seem too much, but it works in the long view. Including the repayment assistance in the benefits package gives the millennials a reason to indwell.

3. A Career Development Gap.

Employee motivation is a common problem, regardless of the age.

Still, it is especially significant for the millennials. The studies found that people from 25 to 33 are the least engaged age group.

Another result of the study is defining career advancement as one of the top motivators.

Millennials want to develop professionally, they are driven by such ambition. If they are disengaged, they look for the job with the brighter possibilities. It creates a job hopping cycle.

They only obvious way out is providing millennials with the career development opportunities.

Have a talk about their goals and adjust them to the company’s needs. That way an employer can ensure that employee’s aspirations suit the common advantage.

4. They Can’t Dig Deep.

It doesn’t need the evidence that using your best skills gives the most satisfaction.

The satisfaction lies at the heart of professional engagement. If millennials don’t have a chance to be really useful at work, they don’t feel comfortable.

Bungling someone with a paper job is not the best idea. It’s better to give them a chance to do something they are good at, otherwise, the feeling of uselessness will lead to the job hopping.

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