Learn from World-Class Wellness Experts [MBG Video Classes Cyber Monday Sales]

MindBodyGreen Video Classes: Cyber Monday Sales

Mind Body Green is a brand dedicated to helping you live a balanced life. With the content they produce and share with the world they aim at revitalizing the way we eat, move and live.

Their original videos, inspiring and practical blog posts, huge readership and following across all other channels, and the experts behind them teaching the best practices, they’ve turned into one of the most respected resources on health, relationships, mindfulness, food, and lifestyle advice.

They also offer video classes. You can learn from world-class wellness experts from the comfort of your home. And today you can grab a video course for a much lower price (sales are anywhere from 30 to 50%). Check out their library.

Here are some ideas on what skill you can choose to learn to turn your life around:

The 100-Hour Yoga Training

Ever wanted to take your yoga practice to the next level? Or have never tried it and want to give it a chance? Now you can do this with the help of world-renowned expert Caley Alyssa, a 900+ certified yoga teacher.

Gain a deep understanding of the theory and practice of yoga with the 100-Hour Yoga Training.

You’ll get:

  • over 40 video lessons;
  • a guide to developing your very own practice that suits your need;
  • study guides, reflections, quizzes, and much more content;
  • live discussion boards and a private Facebook group;
  • feedback;
  • exclusive, lifetime access to the training videos and additional materials.

Beat Anxiety

If you’re struggling with anxiety and desperately want to get back to living a normal, balanced and productive life, Dr. Ellen Vora is here to help you.

With the How to Beat Anxiety course, you’ll get more than 50 proven natural tools to manage your anxiety. That includes what to eat, what to avoid, supplements, how to move your body, ways to break negative thought patterns, and more.

Take the class now and save 30%.

Eat and Live Better with the Plant-Based Diet

You know eating more veggies is a good thing, but maybe you just need that little push to make a long-term change. This class is here to help you start living a plan-based lifestyle. Which is not just about eating more plants, but reclaiming your health and feeling fresher than ever before.

Get 50% off on The Ultimate Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition.

These were just 3 examples of video classes you can take to improve a certain area of life that you have issues with. I believe that will help you see improvement in anything else too.

A healthier, happier you is waiting! Check out the MBG library of classes for world-class instruction on living your most revitalized life. With over sixty classes you’re sure to find something that suits your interests and needs.

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