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There are many countries around the world where the educational system is scanty, to say the least.

There are schools in EU member states where the curriculum is superseded, far behind the realities of the market. As such, the graduates from their universities are not very sought-after based on their diplomas only.

Those pieces of paper, and the years of education they represent, are not what the companies offering high-paying jobs are looking for (this is why the specialists of these countries have to rely on self-education to be able to make a living in these areas).

Universities are, in turn, much better prepared when it comes to supplying the job market with a highly-trained workforce. Here are some of the specialities truly useful today that are taught at various Spanish universities.

1. Online marketing and eCommerce

There are so many hopeful entrepreneurs that start their online business who have no idea about what makes an online store successful.

Quite often, the hopes and dreams of this prospective merchants are shattered by their lack of knowledge about promoting a webshop. Perhaps because they don’t have the appropriate degree.

Knowledge of online marketing and eCommerce are vital in today’s internet-first market, and there are several Spanish institutions that offer degrees in this area.

ESEI offers a Masters in Digital Entrepreneurship, Euroaula in Barcelona has a Master in Digital Marketing and Tourism eCommerce, and the Instituto Europeo De Posgrado – España has a Master program in Digital Marketing with Specialty in E-commerce or Sales. And the list could go on.

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2. Video game development

The video game industry is one of the most lucrative branches of the massive entertainment business that involves the collaboration of many areas – programming, art, storytelling, commerce, and others. And the specialists in this area aren’t born with their knowledge either: they have to learn the tricks of the trade somewhere.

While a “generic” set of skills in these areas are definitely useful, there are courses that go into the specifics of working in this industry that can look even better on your resumé if you dream of working in this area.

One of the schools that stand out with degrees specific to video games is the Universal Art School based in Spain and California, USA, that offers a Masters degree in Video Game Programming and Video Game Art. Other schools offering a similar curriculum include Seeway in Barcelona (Master in Concept Art).

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3. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the most exciting areas today, with applications everywhere from medicine and engineering to commerce and pretty much in every other area that involves connected devices that need to respond to their users.

This makes AI one of the areas with a bright future and one that will be in increasing demand in the coming years.

There are many Spanish universities offering degrees in this area. At the University of Barcelona, you can enrol in a Masters program in Artificial Intelligence, the Ceste Business School offers a degree in Data Science (vital to AI research), and there are many others offering related programs.