LRS 077: Monetizing Your Passion to Reclaim Your Time

Monetizing Your Passion to Reclaim Your Time - the let's reach success podcast

Let’s talk about combining passion and career on the LRS podcast today. One of my favorite topics.

It’s closely related to doing meaningful work, enjoying what you do, leaving a legacy, making the money you need to live a good lifestyle and – maybe most importantly – having your time back and using it the way you want.

That’s what it means to monetize your passion.

I’ll give you some tips and inspiration today on how to do that, what it takes to get paid to do what you love and go from a hobby to a career. And, as usual on the podcast, I’ll cite some of my favorite writes, entrepreneurs and lifestyle designers.

Show Notes:

  • What one of my favorite bloggers says about passions [1:30]
  • The 5 first steps to taking charge of your career [3:14]
  • The only place where you can find your passion [5:25]
  • How to get paid to be who you are [7:28]
  • The 3 elements of the dream job [10:46]


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