LRS 050: The Morning Habits of Great Writers

The Morning Habits of Great Writers - The Let's Reach Success Podcast

Welcome to episode 50 of the Let’s Reach Success podcast. It’s quite a milestone, considering this is still a side hustle for me.

The topic I chose for today covers 3 things I love in a creative way. That’s writing, early mornings, and habits.

I’ll talk about the morning habits of great writers and share some unique practices that helped some pretty big names do their best work.

If you’re a writer, you might steal a technique or two. If not, all you’ll hear today still has a lot to do with personal and spiritual development, and – as we know – life lessons can come from anywhere.

I’m a writer, and a lover of early mornings. And I believe that these two fit together perfectly.

Writing in the morning (be it for work or not) is one of the best ways to start the day, improve yourself, be less stressed and more creative and positive in general.

And why not do your best work during or right after your morning routine?!

Some of the most famous writers have created a morning writing ritual. And once they see the benefits it brings to their work and life, they quickly decide to make it a permanent part of their day.

So check out the episode for the habits and rituals you can do each morning to become a better writer, get more done, feel accomplished before others have even woken up and make your days successful.

Show Notes:

  • How Anthony Trollope spent his morning [2:11]
  • When 4 famous writers get up when they are in writing mode [2:52]
  • How A. J. Jacobs makes outlines and why he advises to brainstorm ideas daily [4:23]
  • How Maya Angelou has created the ideal writing environment for herself [5:48]
  • 11 life lessons from Henry Miller on how to write better and be disciplined [7:00]
  • What Stephen King does every morning and why it’s always the same [8:06]
  • Hemingway’s comparison of writing with making love [10:05]


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Share the techniques that work best for you, other examples of famous writers’ routines you admire, and the mistakes you’ve done in the past.

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